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Year1908 April
International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statusbroken up
DesignerWilliam Fife III
BuilderW. Fife & Son
Length Overall15.70 m. (not homogeneous measurement)
Waterline11.91 m.
Beam3.37 m.
Sail Area250.00 sq.m.
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerGeorge Coats
Original NameALACHIE
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportGlasgow, Scotland
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule.

1908 - 1912 George Coats - name ALACHIE - home port: Glasgow

Launched in 1908 at the end of April, Alachie was the first yacht of the new class built on the Clyde and was considered as the most advanced boat built at Fairlie and the most complete specimen of steel framing built into a vessel of her size at that time. Like the more extreme racers, all the sheets were to be wrought from below so as to eliminate the necessity of anyone but the helmsman to be on deck during a race; she had not a vestige of bulwarks and the men were prevented from slipping overboard by an elm toerail fixed along the deck along the inner edge of the covering board; spars, boom and bowsprit were hollow. Just after the launch, she was beached for a complete alteration to remove and add to the keel, which was recast, eight hundred weight of lead which had been added as ballast after launching. Alachie was one of the leading Twelves in the 1908, 1909, 1910 and 1911 seasons. Of 137 entries she had 43 firsts and 54 placings; she competed without success at the English trials for the 1908 Olympic Games. In 1912, Alachie was not comissioned, as her owner George Coats focused on his new 15 Metre, The Lady Anne.

Racing results:

1909 season: she was third with a total of 29 entries, 7 firsts, 9 seconds and 3 thirds.
1910 season: she was third with 37 entries, 12 firsts, 13 seconds and 4 thirds.
1911 season: she was first with a total entries of 41, 13 firsts, 14 seconds and 4 thirds. In 1911 she took part in the first Europe Week at Cowes together with Cintra, Javotte, Ierne and Rollo; she was third in the first race and fifth in the second as she went ashore

1914 - 1915 Jos? Antonio Aguirre - home port: Buenos Aires Together with Mouchette and Rafaga, she is one of the three Twelves transferred in Argentina.

1916 - 1918 ? Unknown

1919 - 1931 Antonio Leon Lanuss? From 1925 registered in the Lloyd's Register as "formerly International Rating Class 12 Metre" In a photo dated 1927 Alachie is shown with a gaff-rig racing against Rafaga.

1932 she disappeared from the Lloyd's Register.

1980s? Broken up in the Tigre

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