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Year1907 September
International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statusbroken up
DesignerG. Duperron
BuilderCh. G.De Coninck & Co.(Maison Lafitte)
Length Overall12.88 m. (not homogeneous measurement)
Waterline10.85 m.
Beam4.08 m.
Sail Area93.6 sq.m.
Enginepetrol, 2 cylinders Mietz G. Weiss
Original OwnerG. Lacroix
Original NameCYGNE
Other NamesElla (1922) - Maria (1923)
Original CountryFR
Original HomeportMeulan
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule

1907 - 1910 G. Lacroix - name: Cygne - home port: Meulan and Le Havre (France). Rigging: auxiliary yawl. Engine installed: petrol, 2 cylinders Mietz &Weiss, HP10. She was launched in September 1907, her construction was started in March of the same year, the boat was identified as auxiliary yacht of 15 meters length, owned by Mr Lacroix. Although designed with the special purpose of cruising, she falls within the 12 Metre class of the new Rule and she was built according to the scantling rules of the new rule. (Le yacht) - Planking was in teak and pitchpine. The interiors were comfortable compared to the size of the yacht; they were built in teak and pitchpine and included the crew quarter, the engine room (on the left), the kitchen (on the right), the saloon with berths, the passage to the stern with the toilet and a wardrobe and the owner's cabin. In July 1909, the following rating certificate was delivered by the French Sail authorities out of 38 rating. certificates delivered to metric boats with validity up to 8th June 1910: N

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