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International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statusgood
Current LocationOslo
Current CountryNO
DesignerJohan Anker
Design / Project#102
BuilderAnker & Jensen
Length Overall18.47 m.
Waterline11.99 m.
Beam3.38 m.
Sail Area246 sq.m. - 262 sq.m. (1919) - 271 sq.m. (1920)
Original OwnerS. Eyde
Original NameBEDUIN
Other NamesBeduin (1911) Maud III (1914) Gadie (1919)-Danseuse III (1929)- Danseuse (present)
Original CountryNO
Original HomeportChristiania, Oslo
Original Sail NumberE 7
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule.

1911 - 1913 Sam Eyde (Vice Commodore and then Commodore of KNS) - name: Beduin - home port: Christiania, Oslo (Norway).

1914 - 1915 Finn Bugge - new name Maud III - home port: Tensberg (Norway). As Maud III entered in the 1914 Europe Week in Oslo. From 1915 sail surface increased to sq.m. 262.

1916 - 1918 ?

1919 - 1928 H.H. Brock Junior - new name: Gadie - home port: Christiania, Oslo (Norway). Since 1926 registered in the Lloyd's Register as "formerly Int. Rating Class 12 Metres".

1929 - 1932 Dagfinn Paust - new name: Danseuse III - home port: Oslo (Norway). 1

933 - 1957 Olaf Ellingsen - home port: Bergen (Norway). She entered in the KNS Jubileums regatta in 1933 but was not placed.

1958 Disappeared from the Lloyd's Register.

1961 - 1962 Carl Platou Ellingsen - home port: Bergen (Norway).

1962 - 1969 Mabel Ingalls.

1969 - 1976 Carl Platou Ellingsen.

1976 - 1980 Lars Christian and Tor Jorgen Dahl.

1980 - 1997 Jan K. Stang - home port: Oslo (Norway).

Since 1998 Mrs. Ingvild Thorensen - new name: Danseuse - home port: Oslo (Norway). Rated as a 12m I.R., she currently takes part in vintage yachts events and sails in the Baltic and North Sea. At the end of 2009 she has entered a major restoration at Isegran Yard in Fredrikstad (Norway). She will be brought back to gaff rigging.

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