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International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statusbroken up
DesignerMax Oertz
BuilderMax Oertz Yachtwerft
Waterline11.28 m.
Beam3.85 m.
Sail Area196 sq.m. (main 98 sq.m. - fore tr. 71.25 sq. m. - top.27 sq.m.)
Original OwnerC. Vermeer
Original NameDAVO II
Original CountryNL
Original HomeportAmsterdam
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule

1907 - 1922 C. Vermeer - name: Davo II - home port: Amsterdam (Netherlands). She was the first 12 Metre I.R. ever built. In fact, she was listed in the main section of 1907 Lloyd's Register while the other one (Heatherbell) was listed in the "Supplement" for 1907. (The "Supplement" is published a few months later with late arrivals and updated/corrected listings. All that this means is that the information arrived too late for inclusion in the main section. It does not mean they were built or launched later). Davo II is the only Twelve ever built with a centreboard. She was said to be a very fast boat; she won the Zuiderzee Cup twice and also won against Skeaf II and Brand IV. 1

1923 - 1937 H. Hellebrekers - name Davo III - home port: Rotterdam (Netherlands).

1937 Disappeared from the Lloyd's Register.

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