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Year1911 June
Current Sail NumberE 8
International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statusexcellent conditions, sailing and racing
Current LocationSundefjord
Current CountryNO
DesignerWilliam Fife III
Design / Project#594
BuilderStockholms Batbygyeri Aktiebolag (Plym)
Length Overall18.90 m.
Waterline11.94 m.
Beam3.43 m.
Displacement28 t.
Sail Area166 sq.m. (1948)
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerNils Persson
Original NameERNA SIGNE
Other NamesVogue (1919), Marjorie (1915?)
Original CountrySE
Original HomeportStockolm
Original Sail NumberE 8
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule.

1911 - 1915 Nils Persson - name: Erna Signe - home port: Stockholm (Sweden). She was built to represent Sweden in the 1912 Stockolm Olympic Games where she took the silver medal with Magda IX winning the gold one, Erna Signe crew formed by: Per Bergman, Dick Bergstrom, Kurt Bergstrom, Hugo Clason, Folke Johnson, Sigurd Kander, Nils Lamby, Erik Lindqvist, Nils Persson and Richard Sallstrom. After she got her revenge winning Kiel Woche that year against Magda IX. She entered in the 1914 Europe Week in Oslo with the other Twelves: Symra (winner) Sybillan and Ierne.

1916 - 1918 (name Marjorie ?)

1919 Dr. G. Jebsen - new name: Vogue - home port: Christiania, Oslo (Norway).

1920 Sam Bull - new name: Erna Signe.

1921 - 1953 Ole Schroder, of the famous Norwegian shipping family. She entered in the 1933 Hanko KSN Jubileumsregatta where she won the first race. Gustav Eslander designs are available with alteration of the original interior and deck layout.

1954 - 1990 Disappears from the Lloyd's Register. 1990 - 1994 Bjarne Christensen. He left her to deteriorate with the original interior ripped out.

1996 - 1998 Fritz Haaning.

1998 - 2003 Ole Chr. Schroder - home port: Oslo (Norway) - name: Erna Signe The son of the original Schroder owner was maid aware that Erna Signe was for sale and bought her back to the family. She was in dilapidated state. An extended refit was done and ended in 2000 by the Walstead yard; the quality was the best, the style has been respected but not kept to the original design: the rig was changed to Bermudan, the deck was new and rested on the old, there was an extensive use of self tailing steel winches, the interior was completely reshaped.

2003 - 2008 Bernt Rognlien Schroder - home port: Oslo (Norway).

2009 Einar Sissener - name: Erna Signe - home port: Sandefjord (Norway).

World Championships Results: 2001 in Cowes (America's Cup Jubilee): fifteenth in the Classic Division

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