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Year1908 May
International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statusbroken up?
DesignerThomas C. Glen-Coats
BuilderR. McAlister & Son (Dumbarton)
Length Overall15.95 m. (not homogeneous measurement)
Waterline12.04 m.
Beam3.35 m.
Displacement26 t.
Sail Area198.50 sq.m.
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerThomas C. Glen Coats
Original NameHERA
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportGlasgow, Scotland
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule.

1908 - 1909 Thomas C. Glen Coats - name: Hera - home port: Glasgow (Great Britain). Rig: gaff cutter. She was one of the three Twelves built by McAllister in 1908 (the other two being Mouchette and Nargie); she was described as being a 26 tons. Between May and July she got three YRA rating certificates with a different one from the others for the sail area and a slight reduction in the freeboard. She competed at the British trials of the 1908 Olympic games and she was chosen with Mouchette because they held their positions at the head of the class, Hera having ten firsts and Mouchette eight. Only these two Twelves participated (Hera with a native Scots crew while the crew of Mouchette were from Liverpool). On board of Hera was Alfred Mylne while T.C. Glen-Coats was at the tiller). Having an amateur crew on board the two Twelves kept the interest alive after the first announcement of Olympic racing on the Clyde (in order to avoid the long sailing to Ryde) was made. The absence of foreign competition was noted with regret. The 12m Olympics were raced on a course of two laps of a 13 miles circuit which totaled 26 miles. Hera got ahead, with Mouchette pressing her hard and at the end of the first round Hera was only seconds in front. Both yachts then had to make more than 30 short tacks on one leg within a few minutes. Hera won and also won the second race by 62 seconds. Other good results were achieved in the remaining 1908 season and in 1909 out of 34 entries she had 9 firsts, 5 seconds and 4 thirds.

1910 - 1915 J/H. Gubbins. In 1910 season out of 36 entries she won 5 firsts, 5 seconds and 3 thirds. In 1911 out of 23 entries she had 4 firsts, 5 seconds and 1 third. In 1912 she had 19 starts with 3 firsts and 4 seconds. She had twice problems with the mast and gave up the season after the Royal Victoria Regatta.

1916 - 1918 ?

1919 - 1920 Captain P. Clemmatsen - home port: Arendal (Norway).

1923 - 1924 Nils Brecke - home port: Christiania, Oslo (Norway).

1925 Major H.G. Maitland - home port: London (Great Britain). From 1925 she was registered as "formerly Int. Rating Class 12 Metres".

1926 - 1930 Major H.F. Courage - in 1926 rig was altered to Bermudan cutter.

1931 - 1933 George T. Millward.

1934 - 1937 Peter Pitt-Millward - home port: London (Great Britain) and Capri (Italy).

1938 Mrs. Odette Langlet - home port: Valenciennes (France).

1939 - 1949 H. Bagnardi - home port: Buenos Aires (Argentina).

1950 Disappeared from the Lloyd's Register.

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