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Year1911 May
International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statusunknown
Current Locationunknown
Current Countryunknown
DesignerWilliam Fife III
Design / Project#591
BuilderW. Fife & Son
Length Overall18.78 m.
Waterline11.96 m.
Beam3.37 m.
Draught2.31 m.
Displacement20 t.
Sail Area248 sq.m. - 140 sq.m. (1930)
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerA.F. Sharman-Crawford
Original NameIERNE
Other NamesIrene (1913) - Natascha (1951)
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportGlasgow
Original Sail NumberN 5
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule.

1911 - 1912 A.F. Sharman-Crawford - name Ierne - home port: Glasgow (Great Britain). The owner, an Irish yachtsman friend of Sir Thomas Lipton, formerly owned Cyra, sold in 1911, and, once he had sold Ierne in 1914, had an 8m Ierne designed and built by Fife. She was a very fast and successful Twelve. In 1911 on 39 entries, she had 13 firsts, 8 seconds and 4 thirds; in 1912 on 30 entries she won 25 times with 2 seconds; she went also racing in Germany sailing from the Clyde via Forth Canal to Cuxhaven in Germany; there she raced against Magda IX, Skeaf V, Heti and Davo III on five races she won four times. Together with Alachie, Cintra, Javotte and Rollo in 1911 she took part the first Europe Week in Cowes with a fourth and third placing (in the second race she lost five minutes to help Alachie went ashore).

1913 Prof. E. Estlander - new name Irene - home port: Helsingfors (Finland). She raced in Ramsgate, Le Havre and Trouville against Alachie and Cintra.

1914 - 1915 Gustaf A. Eslander. She raced in Kiel and Norway winning several prizes. In 1914, on her way to Copenhagen she lost her rig and could not race there. She entered at Europe Week 1914 in Norway.

1915 - 1919 P.O. Serck - home port: Birmingham (Great Britain) and Petrograd (Russia).

1920 Chas. W. Scappel - home port: Christiania, Oslo (Norway). Since 1920 registered in the Lloyd's Register as "formerly Int. Rating Class 12 Metres".

1921 - 1928 Olaf Brown - from 1924 new name: Ierne.

1929 - 1936 Willy Wilhelmsen - from 1930 rig altered to bermudan cutter with a sail area of 140 sq.m. She entered at the Jubilee regatta in Hanko with 1 first, 1 second and 2 thirds.

1937 Nils Astrup & Ths. Stang.

1938 - 1946

1947 - 1950 Ths. Stang - home port: Oslo (Norway).

1951 - 1957 Egil K. Sundbye - new name Natascha - home port: Oslo (Norway). According to KNS informations and sail list, the owner between 1954 and 1955 was Melby Fadum and the name Ierne

1958 Disappeared from the Lloyd's Register.

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