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International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statussailing - refits in 1998 and 2008/9
Current LocationOslo
Current CountryNO
DesignerWilliam Fife III
Design / Project#566
BuilderAnker & Jensen
Length Overall18.80 m.
Waterline11.99 m.
Beam3.38 m.
Displacement26 t.
Sail Area249 sq.m. (1923) - 151 sq.m. (1947) - 161 sq.m. (1953)
Original OwnerAlfred W.G. Larsen
Original NameMAGDA VIII
Other NamesMagda VIII (1909)-Magnolia (1912)-Lucie VIII (1947)-Magnolia (1953)
Original CountryNO
Original HomeportChristiania, Oslo
Original Sail NumberE 4
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule.

1909 - 1911 Alfred W.G. Larsen - name Magda VIII - home port: Christiania, Oslo (Norway). She was the first Larsen 12 Metre and performed well during the first two racing seasons; in 1910 racing in Marstrand, Landedrag and Gothenburg. Larsen sold her when he decided to have a new Twelve designed and built for the 1912 Olympic Games. "The story goes (Nic Compton in "Classic Boat", Nov. 2000) that while the plans were being delivered in the autumn of 1908, Fife heard that the yard was building another Twelve Metre (Brand IV ?) to their own design. Anxious in case his plans were copied, Fife had them held back until the Anker & Jensen Twelve was completed."

1912 - 1915 Olaf Brown - new name: Magnolia - home port: Christiania, Oslo (Norway).

1919 - 1922 Hans M. Vik - home port: Tonsberg (Norway).

1923 - 1924 Ole Larsen Jr.

1925 - 1936 E. Blikstad - home port: Oslo (Norway). In this period Magnolia was converted to a cruising yacht and in 1931 was fitted with a Bermudan rig.

1937 - 1938 Nielsen - home port: Sandefjord (Norway).

1939 - 1950 C.B. Nielsen - new name: Lucie VIII - home port: Skien (Norway).

1951 - 1954 Kr. Gjoiberg - from 1954 new name: Magnolia - home port: Oslo (Norway). In 1953 altered to auxiliary Bermudian cutter. 1954 Edward Gjolberg.

1955 - 1960 Kr. Gjolberg.

1960 Disappeared from the Lloyd's Register. The yacht was abandoned and she sunk in 1970. At the beginning of the Seventies she was taken out of the water and was laid up for nearly a decade.

1967 - 1968 G.A. Sommerfeldt.

1969 - 1974 Ragnar Birkeland (according to KNS) - home port: Sarpsborg (Norway).

1975 - 1976 Edward and Lars Chr. Dahl (according to KNS) - home port: Nyren (Norway).

1982 - 2007 Trygve Barlag - name: Magnolia - home port: Oslo (Norway). He bought her in 1982 for ? 800 not for the vessel itself but for the boat covers, on principle, as the hull had no value. The refit was run by the owner over a period of 17 years and the relaunch took place in May 1999. The refit does not conform to the original design and Magnolia should be considered to be a replica more than the original Twelve: the rig was Bermudan, the main cabin hatch was extended to grant more light and headroom in the interior; the planking was replaced by a double one which is cold molded (if the original thickness of 42 mm has been maintained, the planking is formed by two layers of Norwegian pine followed by two 7mm layers of gaboon mahogany all bonded together with epoxy); the original deck was overlaid with a layer of meerbau pine, with mastic in between; boom and winches are modern; the interiors were completely rebuilt in style but not as original although respecting the layout. Her mast is Iris' which was recovered before she was dismantled.

Since 2008 Einar Sissener (12 mrFramnes AS) - name Magda VIII - home port Sandefjord (Norway). Major refit works done in the winter 2008/2009: engine out, new lead keel and rudder from the original drawings, new bowsprit designed by Paul Spooner from Fairlie Restoration, deck layout and interior from the mast forward from original drawings.

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