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International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statusvery bad, to be refitted
Current LocationLisbon
Current Country
DesignerWilliam Fife III
Design / Project#639
BuilderAbeking & Rasmussen
Length Overall19.90 m. (original) - 16.85 m. (present)
Waterline11.80 m. (original) - 11.50 m. (present)
Beam3.30 m.
Displacement20.85 t.
Sail Area143 sq.m.
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerHenry Horn
Original NameSKEAF VI
Other NamesTreudeutsch (1926) - Mariline (1929)
Original CountryDE
Original HomeportScheswig
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule. The information collected, also from Lloyd's Register, on the existing Mariline say that she is the original Skeaf VI. Notwithstanding, there are no official documents to confirm this.

1914 - 1915 Consul Henry Horn - name: Skeaf VI - home port: Schleswig (Germany). After four other Twelves built by Neptun Werf, designed by Gerhard Barg, this is the first and only designed by Fife and built by Abeking & Rasmussen. The yacht took part at the 1914 Europe Week at Oslo; with H. Rasmussen at the tiller, she was awarded six prizes. She entered the Oslo-Marstrand race and during the price giving ceremony notice was given of the outbreak of the first World War Skeaf VI remained in Sweden and was sold to the Norwegian yachtsman Glad.

1916 - 1924 Glad (?)

1925 R.C. Schmidt.

1926 - 1928 R.C. Schmidt - new name: Treudeutsch - home port: Berlin (Germany). In 1928 altered to gaff yawl rig.

1929 - 1988 Club Nautico de Portugal - new name: Mariline - home port: Lisbon (Portugal). The yacht was bought to Germany in early 1928 by two important members of the Club Nautico de Portugal to act as a school yacht and remained in commission until the mid-Eighties when due to high costs and the need to operate with smaller and modern units the Lisbon Naval Association (the Club Nautico had closed their doors and all the belongings were bought by the LNA) had to sell it in 1988. During this period she entered every regatta with many trophies to her credit. Around 1942-44 the rig was altered to bermudan yawl.

1989 - 2000 The yacht was sold to a shipbuilder at a very low price. He had the intention to restore her but he left it after starting a very bad work. Mariline is resting in the yard looking for an owner and a refit.

Since dec. 2000 Eng. Alberto Alfonso - name: Mariline. According to information, the restoration programme should start in the near future at the Absolute projects yard in Lisbon. The yacht should be renamed Skeaf VI.

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