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International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statuslaid up but not mantained
Current LocationSydney
Current CountryAU
DesignerWilliam Fife III
BuilderMorrison and Sinclair, Sydney
Length Overall19.81 m.
Waterline13.65 m.
Beam3.96 m.
Draught2.65 m.
Displacement55.2 t.
Sail Area272 sq.m.
Original OwnerSir Alexander McCornick
Original NameMORNA
Other NamesKurrewa IV (1954)
Original CountryAU
Original HomeportSydney
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule. Although not rated as a Twelve, she has probably been designed according to the International First Rule.

1913 - 1929 Sir Alexander McCornick - name: Morna - home port Sidney (Australia). Rig: auxiliary cutter. Her owner was a distinguished surgeon and she was named after his daughter, who later became Lady Anderson, wife of Sir Colin Anderson of the P&O Line; in this period she was used as a daysailer.

1929 - 1930 J. March Hardie.

1931 - 1935 Robert C. Packer, the newspaper editor.

1936 Disappeared from the Lloyd's Register.

1936 - 1953 Sir Claude Plowman, a radio manufacturer who raced her in the Sidney to Hobart race in 1946, 1947 and 1948

1954 - 1977 Frank W. and John H. Livingston - new name Kurrewa IV - home port: Sidney (Australia). The Livingston have also been the owners of Kurrewa V (now Ikra) the Twelve Metre built for the 1964 America's Cup British challenge. From 1954 until 1960 she entered in six Sydney to Hobart races and achieved the fastest time in four of the races. After that retired from racing and she was laid up and not maintained.

1977 unknown new owner, waiting for restoration.

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