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Year1908 June
International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statusbroken up behind the Tigre Maritime Museum in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Current LocationBuenos Aires
Current CountryAR
DesignerAlfred Mylne
Design / Project#155
BuilderR. McAlister & Son (Dumbarton)
Length Overall15.54 m. (not homogeneous measurement)
Waterline12.92 m.
Beam3.27 m.
Displacement25 t.
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerCharles McIver
Original NameMOUCHETTE
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportGlasgow, Scotland
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule.

1908 - 1909 Lord Charles McIver - name: Mouchette - home port: Glasgow (Great Britain). Built in only six weeks, she was the lightest of three Twelves built at McAllister (the others being Hera and Nargie). Lord Charles McIver was the owner of the shipping company McIver Lines, connecting also Great Britain with Argentina. The name of Mouchette refers to the French thoroughbred, winner in that period of the most important races in France. She won immediately at the the Royal Western Club matches due to the absence of both Alachie and Nargie - her keel was remodeled and rehung, the mast changed to a lighter won, the main sail changed. She competed at the British trials of the 1908 Olympic games and she was chosen with Hera. Only these two Twelves will participate (Hera with a native Scots crew while the crew of Mouchette were from Liverpool). The fact to have an amateur crew on board of the two Twelves kept the interest alive after the first announcement of the Olympic racing on the Clyde (in order to avoid the long sailing to Ryde) was made. The absence of foreign competition was noted with regret. The 12m Olympics were raced on a course of two laps of a 13 miles circuit which totaled 26 miles. Hera got ahead with Mouchette pressing her hard and at the end of the first round Hera was only seconds in front. Both yachts then had to make more than 30 short tacks on one leg within a few minutes. Hera won, also winning the second race by 62 seconds. Mr. McIver, as helmsman of Mouchette was awarded with the olympic silver medal and as the owner with the commemorative Trophy. The olympic silver medals were also awarded to J.G.Kenion as Mouchette foreman and to each member of the crew.

1910 - 1915 Alberto de Bary (vice commodore Yacht Club Argentino) - home port: Buenos Aires (Argentina). Mouchette arrives in Argentina at the end of 1909 thanks to Celeste Fernandez Blanco. She raced against Alachie and Rafaga in a number of regattas, usually prevailing over the other two Twelves.

1916 - 1918 ?

1919 A.J. S'r' e Juan J. Sr?.

1920 - 1921 Ing. Ch. Lilloe, Fangen et Polaczek - home port: Buenos Aires (Argentina).

1921 - 1923 J.E. Wolden - registered in Lloyd's Register from 1923 as "formerly Int. Rating Class 12 Metres"

1924 - 1931 Harold Hauge.

1932 - 1935 Carlos Hansen. 1936 Disappeared from the Lloyd's Register. Engine installed in 1938.

< 1954 - 1975 Guillermo P. MacNally - engine installed

< 1954. Re-powered in 1957. In 1955 her rig is altered to auxiliary yawl According to information (German Frers jr.) in the Eighties the yacht was still visible as a wreck behind the Tigre (Buenos Aires) Maritime Museum, but she has been definitively broken up in the Ninties. Her mast and gaff are today part of the signal mast at the Yacht Club Argentino San Fernando Club House.

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