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International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statusgood condition, sailing, restored
Current LocationAmsterdam
Current CountryNL
DesignerMax Oertz
BuilderMax Oertz Yachtwerf (Hamburg)
Length Overall18.29 m.
Waterline11.52 m.
Beam3.47 m.
Draught1.98 m.
Sail Area135.72 sq.m. (1931)
Constructionwood on steel frames
Engineengine installed in 1931
Original OwnerC. Vermeer
Original NameDAVO III
Other NamesWULP (1931) - NOORDSTER III (1951)
Original CountryNL
Original HomeportAmsterdam
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule.

1911 - 1920 C. Vermeer - name Davo III - home port: Amsterdam (Netherlands). Mr. Vermeer was formerly the owner of Davo II. In 1911 she was entered in two British races but with no results.

1921 - 1930 ?

1931 - 1950 G.H. Brandt - new name: Wulp - home port: Middelburg (Germany); since 1947: Schiedam (Netherlands). In 1931 she was altered to auxiliary Bermudian cutter?. Engine installed. Sail area reduced to 135 sq.m.

1951 - 1970 L.G.A. Stojaczyk - new name: Noordster III - home port: Amsterdam (Netherlands). Re-powered 1960 with a DTP 62 (Peugeot/Volvo), 4 cil. diesel engine, 62 HP.

1971 - 1982 She has been completely refitted between 1971 and 1976. Rigging altered in Bermudan ketch. New sail area: 139 sq.m. New masts in spruce, approx 1979.

1982 - 1986 J.A.Hoogwegt - home port: Amsterdam (Netherlands). Re-powered 1983.

1984 - 2013 Mrs. Tosca Beekman - new name Noordster III - home port: Amsterdam (Netherlands). She has been refitted from 2003 to 2005. She is for sale at the requested price of ? 275,000 (2009).I In 2012 the price has been reduced to ? 149.000

Since 2013 Mr. Nicolas Brouet - home port Amsterdam, but the program is to bring the boat to France

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