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International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statusbroken up in October 2008
DesignerG. Barg
BuilderActien Gessselschaft Neptun (Rostock)
Length Overall18.29 m.
Waterline11.99 m.
Beam3.35 m.
Draught2.18 m.
Sail Area131 sq.m. (1938)
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerHenry Horn
Original NameSKEAF V
Other NamesIstar (1919)
Original CountryDE
Original HomeportSchelswig
Original Sail NumberRYA no. 20
Other Sail NumbersRORC no. 186
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule.

1912 - 1913 Consul Henry Horn - name: Skeaf V - home port: Schleswig (Germany).

1914 - 1916 Freiherr von Pohl - new name: Istar - home port: Hamburg (Germany).

1917 - 1922 Max L. Kruger.

1923 - 1927 Col. F.H. Cleaver - home port: Colchester and Southampton (Great Britain). Registered in Lloyd's Register from 1923 as "Formerly Int. Metric Class 12 Metre." In 1924 rig altered to Bermudan cutter. In 1927 rig altered.

1928 - 1930 A.R. Luke - home port: Southampton (Great Britain). In 1929 rig altered to Bermudian yawl.

1931 - 1932 Major Lawrence C. Coats - home port: Southampton (Great Britain). In 1931 altered to Bermudian yawl.

1933 - 1937 Major W. Bertram Bell. Engine installed in 1933.

1938 - 1948 Brig. O.L. Prior-Palhem. In 1938 altered to Bermudan cutter with a sail area of 131 sq.m. RORC rating: 50 79, RYA

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