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International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statusbroken up
DesignerAnker & Jensen
Design / Project#148
BuilderAnker & Jensen
Length Overall19.38 m.
Waterline11.99 m.
Beam3.24 m.
Sail Area267 sq.m. (1920) - 173 sq.m. (1953)
Original OwnerAxel Isdhal
Original NameSYMRA
Original CountryNO
Original HomeportBergen
Original Sail NumberN 2
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule.

1914 - 1949 Axel Isdahl - name: Symra - home port: Bergen (Norway). She was said to be the first Twelve Metre in the world to sail with a Bermudan rig. In the Europe Week 1914, with Anker on board, she was the star in the 12 Metre Class competing against the Swedish Erna Signa and Sybillan and Ierne from Finland. In 1933 she raced in the KNS Jubilee regatta (one second place, two third places, one fourth out of five races) competing against Caprice, Magnolia, Danseuse III, Erna Signa, Vineta, Gavotte III, Ierne and Tove Lillian. Registered in Lloyd's Register from 1936 as "formerly Int. Rating Class 12 Metre."

1950 - 1973 Oivind Lorentzen - home port: Oslo (Norway). Engine installed in 1952. Broken up by the owner who did not wish to restore her.

A 1974 photo shows Symra abandoned on a shore in Vollen (Norway).

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