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Year1909 July
International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statussailing in good condition - needs some maintenance work
Current LocationBarcelona
Current CountryES
DesignerA. Richardson
BuilderPhilip & Son, Ltd. (Dartmouth)
Length Overall18.02 m.
Waterline12.80 m.
Beam3.48 m.
Draught2.28 m.
Sail Area189 sq.m. - 198 sq.m. (1914 ) - 127 sq.m. (1938)
Original OwnerHarter K. Glazebrook
Other NamesWhite Heather (1909)
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportDartmouth
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule.

1909 - 1928 Harter Kirkland Glazebrook, shipbroker of Liverpool - name: White Heather - home port: Dartmouth (Great Britain). Built according to the 12m Int. Rule but as an auxiliary yacht more than as a racing one as showed by her lines and her large dog house; she was said to be a half scale replica of Britannia and she was always known in Cowes as Little Britannia. Constructed with oak main frames and rack elm intermediate frames; beams, deck and planking in teak. In 1914 her sail area was increased from 189.63 sq.m to 198.50 sq.m. Since 1914 registered in Lloyd's Register as "formerly Int. Rating Class 12 Metres." Registered in Lloyd's Register from 1914 as auxiliary bermudan sloop.

1928 - 1932 Major William Lidswell. Towers-Clark - new name: Varuna II and the same year Varuna - Varuna is the Indian divinity in charge of the waters and of the seas - home port: Dartmouth (Great Britain). It seems that in 1928 an engine was installed and the original tiller was changed to a wheel. Rig altered in 1930 to auxiliary bermudan sloop.

1933 - 1934 Arthur Henry Ashcroft.

1935 - 1946 Robert Charles Vernon, friend of the Towers Clark. She was widely used for cruising on the West coast of Scotland. In 1936 the mast had twisting problems under pressure and a new one was made - during the war she was laid up on the Clyde at a different place from her spares and gear which were burnt by an incendiary bomb

1947 - 1953 Major M.S.B. Vernon (Robert Vernon?s son). RORC rating: 41 57

1954 - 1966 Col. John S. Ward and Col. Ferris B. St. George. They shared the yacht with Major Vernon, who was building his new boat Varen. Re-powered in 1958.

1967 - 1977 Mr. and Mrs. G. Earle (Mrs. Earle being Ferris St. George daughter). Re-powered 1977. RORC rating: 37 06.

1978 Miss P.G. Richardson Hazard. After 40 years of ownership by the same three families who were all friends, Varuna changed owner.

1979 - 1983 Neptun Reisen Co. Ltd. Varuna is chartered.

1983 - 1999 Due to the bankruptcy of the owner, Varuna is left at Cantieri di Imperia (Italy).

1999 - 2014 (June) Dr. Luigi Donna. Refitted in the years 1999-2002 and launched on 25th May 2002. Designer: Franco Giorgetti - name: Varuna - home port: Imperia (Italy). In 2003, the rigging has been modified according to a new sail plan. In 2007 the original mast has been lengthened by Pasqui according to a new sail plan designed by Jacques Fauroux. In 2013, Luigi Donna died of cancer and Varuna was for sale.

since 2014 the heirs sell Varuna for the incredible price of ? 60.000 and the yacht is sailed to Barcelona, her homeport. since

June 2014 - Husks Ltd, home port: Barcelona

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