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International RuleFirst Rule
Current Statuswreck
Current LocationMontauban, Bretagne
Current CountryFR
DesignerJohan Anker
Design / Project#87
BuilderAnker & Jensen
Length Overall18.67 m.
Waterline11.99 m.
Beam3.48 m.
Sail Area244 sq.m. - 166 sq.m. (1938)
Original OwnerFritz Olsen
Original NameFIGARO
Other NamesBonita (1920)- Vineta (1923)
Original CountryNO
Original HomeportChristiania, Oslo
Original Sail NumberE 10
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International First Rule.

1910 - 1918 Fritz Olsen - name: Figaro - home port: Christiania, Oslo (Norway). She was the second Figaro for the owner Olsen, the first one was built by Colin Archer.

1919 Fritz and Rudolf Olsen (one of Fred Olsen four sons).

1920 - 1922 Rudolf Olsen - since 1921, new name: Figaro II.

1922 O. Berresen - new name Bonita.

1923 - 1935 S. Finne Thiis, the French consul in Oslo (Norway) - new name: Vineta. She entered in the July 1933 Jubileum Regatta in Hanko (Finland) and won a first place in the third race.

1936 - 1949 Frank Guillet (owner of the other 12mR Le Cid ) - home port: La Trinite sur Mer (France). She enters and wins several regattas and, time by time, she is used as mother ships for the crews of the other Guillet yachts. In 1938 the rig was altered from gaff to Bbermudan. From 1939 to 1945 she was laid up on her cradle and dismasted at the Constantini yard. In 1946 she sailed again. She was sold on July 27 to Mr. Surmont.

1949 - ? G. De Surmont - home port: Paimpol (France). New engine installed in 1950. Her mast is shortened. The yacht is laid up.

? - 1953 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. The yachts is dismantled and her mast broken up, the lead keel is sold out.

1954 - 1999 Le Gunehec. In 1955 disappeared from Lloyd?s Register. Laid up as a wreck at Cote-Castel (France). Maintenance works are done to the hull to preserve it (caulking and treatment with linseed oil). After 22 years she must leave the place and she is caulked and towed to L'zardieux and then to Montauban where she is now located. A group of Norwegians wanted to buy her in 1999, to restore her according to the original plans, but the owner always refused to sell.

Since 1999    Michel Durand. The boat is in the same condition. The owner has remeasured her and has commissioned a new set of plans to François Chevalier. Up to 2015 (Nov.) the situation is still the same.

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