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Current Sail NumberK 22
International RuleSecond Rule
Current Statussailing, but at present c/o Fairlie Rest.
Current LocationHamble
Current CountryGB
DesignerG. Eslander
BuilderStockholms Batbyggeri Aktiebolag
Length Overall21.95 m.
Waterline13.92 m.
Beam3.57 m.
Sail Area183 sq.m.
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerErik Akerlund
Other NamesIrene (1936) - Silvervingen X (1958)
Original CountrySE
Original HomeportStockolm
Original Sail NumberS 2
Other Sail NumbersK 22
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Second Rule

1930 - 1934 Erik Akerlund - name: PRINCESS SVANEVIT - home port: Stockolm She was the only Twelve designed by Eslander and one of the last projects before his death the winter following the launch; she was a heavy and long yacht very well constructed so as not to cheat the Rule; her profile and sections are far sweeter through-out than generally seen in yachts of the International Yachts Racing Classes. She was completed a few days before the Jubilee Races at Stockolm in 1930, where she came out second from the top of a very keen class. For their hundredth birthday party the Royal Swedish Yacht Club brought together yachts and yachtsmen from around the world, which ensured high-class racing, yachts came from America, England and other European countries. She went to Cowes Week in 1933 and after a marvelous race the Swedish yacht, cleverly steered by Mr Colin Newman, won by a few seconds beating Flica on the finishing line. It was the first visit of her owner Mr Erik Akerlund to Cowes regatta and the victory of his yacht was most popular.

1935 - 1956 E. Lundstr - new name since 1936: IRENE - home port: Malmo

1957 Heirs of the late E. Lundstr

1957 - 1959 Nils G'bel - new name: SILVERVINGEN X - home port: Salsjobaden - engine installed < 1957

1960 Harry J. Hyams - new name: BARRANQUILLA - home port: London, Wiltshire and Southampton - re-powered in 1961

1976 - sail number K 22, probably not officially issued by the YRA. Since many years she is ashore, sheltered at Fairley Restoration yard in Port Hamble.

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