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Year1924 July
International RuleSecond Rule
Current Statusrestoration in progress
Current LocationToulon
Current CountryFR
DesignerCharles E. Nicholson
BuilderCamper & Nicholson Ltd.
Length Overall20.47 m.
Waterline13.82 m.
Beam3.70 m.
Draught2.57 m.
Sail Area144 sq.m. (1947)
Enginepetrol engine, 4 cyl. (1929)
Original OwnerPhilip de G. Benson
Original NameCLYMENE
Other NamesMoyana V (1936) - Alkor II (1948)
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportPortsmouth, England
Original Sail NumberK 10
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Second Rule

1924 - 1931 Philip de G. Benson - name CLYMENE - home port: Portsmouth and London - in 1924 rig altered from cutter to Bermudan sloop - engine installed in 1928

1932 - 1935 Austin O'Connor - home port: Portsmouth

1936 Wilfred Leuchars - new name: MOYANA V - re-powered in 1936

1937 - 1939 Lt. Comdr. Percy T. Dean - new name: CLYMENE - rig: in 1937, altered to yawl 1939 Estate of Lt. Comdr. Percy T. Dean, sold to an unknown person in France by the executors

1939 - 1947 Marcel Bar - new name: ALCOR II

1948 - 1950 Louis Canet

1951 - 1952 Georges Villiers 1953 disappeared from Lloyd's Register

1953 - 1975 ??

1976 Franck Pizzato and Clymene Club Association After a period of chartering, Clymene was brought ashore at Bandol (close to Toulon - 108, chemin Camp Laurent, 83190 Ollioules) for a restoration to be completed around 2004. Government funds should cover part of the cost as Clymene has been declared as French Historical Monument on the 5th July1991.

In 2009 the restoration works were slack; a financial aid had been received by the Regional Administration but it was not enough to complete the restoration works; only the hull and the deck have been partly completed and to be checked as far as the quality is concerned.                                                                                                                       In 2008, she was for sail at € 500.000. In January 2009 she was up for auction at the price of € 80.000.

since 2010  Chantier du Guip, Brest (France) - CLYMENE  has been bought at the asuction. The yard is waiting for a customer  to complete the restoration.

Clymene has had quite a successful career both as a Twelve and later in the handicap races, altered to Bermudan cutter or yawl.

In 1924 she entered Burnham week and in the other around the coast races: in 1928, altered to Bermudan yawl, she beat the ocean racers as Dorade, Mistress, Neptune and Lexia. She was also entered in several handicap races together with Vanity.

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