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Year1926 July
International RuleSecond Rule
Current Statusbroken up
DesignerThomas C. Glen Coats
BuilderBute Slip Dock Co, Ld.
Length Overall21.49 m.
Waterline14.69 m.
Beam3.66 m.
Sail Area193 sq.m.
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerSir Thomas Glen Coats
Original NameIRIS
Other NamesIrina V (1932)
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportGlasgow, Scotland
Original Sail NumberK 6
Other Sail NumbersN 9
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Second Rule

Owners and history:

1926 - 1928 Sir Thomas C. Glen Coats - name Iris  - home port: Glasgow (Great Britain). Rig: bermudan sloop altered in bermudan cutter in 1928. According to Uffa Fox “she was designed and built some twenty years after his first design, PALACE, and was like her in many ways. IRIS was designed to be just twice the length of his 6-metre ECHO, which made her longer of any of the then exixting 12-metre yachts, and naturally forced her to carry less sail, but as at that time the height of the sail allowed was in proportion to the length of the water-line, she had the tallest and narrowest rig of the whole lot. There is no doubt her success was largely due to her length and to her tall and narrow rig, for length is speed, and he knew that the taller and narrower the sail area the more efficient it is”. She was the first Twelve with outriggers, her interior was in pastel colours and had leather seating. In 1927 she sailed both in the Solent and in the Clyde. In the Solent she was third with 6 firsts, 5 seconds and 2 thirds; in the Clyde she had 7 firsts and 4 seconds.

1929 - 1930  Benjamin S. Guinness

She entered the 1929 Cowes Week where she arrived last but one out of seven competitors

1931  Alexander C. Wilson

1932 - 1937  Georg B. von Erpecom Sr. - new name: IRINA V - home port: Bergen (Norway)

Under the ownership of George von Erpecom, the famous Norwegian shipowner, she entered in several events, notably in 1932 The Bergen Yacht Club Diamond Jubilee with Crown prince Olav in the crew and Crown princess Martha as guest; she lost to SYMRA. In 1933 she entered the KNS Jubileums regatta in Hanko with Halfdan Hansen as co-skipper. She won one second place and two thirds. In 1935 she did well in Gothenburg/Maastrand regattas, winning special prizes.

1937 - 1950  Ragnar Fredriksen.

He took off the keel to keep it from the Germans, but in 1950 he sold it because of the high prices paid for lead. He then used her as a motor boat and added  a doghouse. She was a wreck off Hanko (Finland) up to 1965, then dismantled, burnt and sunk at Hanko. Her must was first used on MOSK 2 and then on MAGNOLIA.

1950  Disappeared from Lloyd’s Register

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