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Year1928 May
International RuleSecond Rule
Current Statusbroken up in 1988
DesignerBurgess, Rigg & Morgan Ltd.
BuilderAbeking & Rasmussen
Length Overall21.09 m.
Waterline13.03 m.
Beam3.87 m.
Draught2.58 m.
Sail Area183 sq.m.
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerHenry L. Maxwell
Original NameISOLDE
Other NamesSallyAnn (1931) - Ptarmigan (1936) Soliloquy
Original CountryUS
Original HomeportLarchmond
Original Sail NumberUS 2
Owner Details & History

Built according to Inernational Second Rule She is one of the six Twelve Metres ordered by the New York Yacht Club, designed by William Starling Burgess for delivery to American owners and built by Abeking & Rasmussen. The purpose was to have six yachts built exclusively for regatta for comparison sailing in the Club. Hulls were the same but deck layout, interior arrangements and rigs varied among the six yachts. The construction was composite that means that every second frame through the entire length of the hull was made of galvanized steel, the floor plates included. Planking was in Honduras mahogany., quite popular in that period. They were rapidly built in serial production in only five months and all together they were shipped to Halifax, in Canada. Once there, they were rigged and sailed to the United States, avoiding to pay a heavy import tax. Iris was completed in May 1928. The other yachts were: Waiandance, Isolde, Tycoon, Anitra and Onawa. Only Onawa and Anitra have survived.

1928 - 1929 Henry L. Maxwell - home port: Larchmont, NY (USA). She entered in the season races but with poor results: 1 first out of 6 races in 1928 and out of 8 races in 1929. 1930 - 1935 Spencer Borden - new name: SallyAnn - home port: Larchmont, NY and Fall River, MA (USA).

1935 - 1936 Thomas N. Dabney - new name: Ptarmigan - home port: Boston, MA (USA).

1937 - 1942 Arthur C. Stewart - new name: Soliloquy - home port: Los Angeles, CA (USA). Engine installed in 1937, re-powered in 1940.

1946 - 1960 Wesley D. Smith - home port: Balboa and Los Angeles, CA (USA).

1961 - 1977 Given Machinery Co. - home port: Los Angeles, CA (USA).

1978 Disappeared off Record.

c. 1988 Sailed from California to Australia. Reported hauled, stripped of keel and broken up.

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