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Year1929 February
Current Sail NumberI 1
International RuleSecond Rule
Current StatusSailing, after a perfect refit
Current LocationCastellamamre di Stabia
Current CountryIT
DesignerVincenzo Vittorio Baglietto
BuilderCantieri Baglietto
Length Overall21.47 m.
Waterline13.87 m.
Beam3.90 m.
Draught2.62 m.
Displacement27 t.
Sail Area173 sq.m. - 196 sq.m. (1930)
Original OwnerMarquis Franco Spinola
Original NameLA SPINA
Other NamesLa Vespa (1948) - Corsara (1956)
Original CountryIT
Original HomeportSanta Margherita Ligure
Original Sail NumberI 1
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Second Rule.

929 - 1938 Marquis Franco Spinola, admiral of the Italian Navy and representative of one of the most outstanding families of Genoa - name: La Spina - home port: Santa Margherita Ligure (Italy) - Rig: Bermudan sloop. The owner interest was more in seafaring than racing and particular care has been devoted to the boat's internal accommodation and fitting, with view her being used as an habitable cruiser as well as a racer. The accommodation comprises a handsome saloon, an owner's cabin, lavatory and bathroom. The joinery work of mahogany and maple was especially admirable. The crew space comprised a skipper's cabin and berths for four hands. Immediately after launching, the vessel sailed to Genoa, escorted by the 8-metre Bamba and Vega both entrants in the International Week regatta at Genoa. The occasion special for the opening of the new head office at the Yacht Club Italiano in presence of the Italian Royal family. The location of the Baglietto yard on an open beach required the boat to be launched completely equipped and fitted out for sea. One of the most interesting operations was the stepping of the mast. This was done by rigging a pair of shrouds on the roof of the building shed and hauling out the vessel into a suitable position beneath. La Spina entered in just two regattas in Cannes and in Santa Margherita and due to the lack of competitors and the decision of other owners and members of Yacht Club Italiano not to build other Twelves, in March 1930, marquis Spinola decided to alter her to Bermudan ketch and to increase the sail area to 196 sq.m; a 35 HP engine was installed and the hull was sheathed with copper; all this was done at Cantieri Baglietto.

1938 - 1956 Marquis Gian Augusto Salina Amorini Bolognini - new name: La Vespa - home port: Santa Margherita Ligure and Venice (Italy). The bill of sale was dated April 19th, 1938

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