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Year1925 June
International RuleSecond Rule
Current Statusbroken up ?
Current Locationunknown
Current Countryunknown
DesignerW. & R.B. Fife
BuilderW. Fife & Son
Length Overall18.29 m.
Waterline13.54 m.
Beam3.92 m.
Draught2.77 m.
Sail Area128 sq.m. (1954)
Enginepetrol engine 2 cyl. (1925)
Original OwnerAlfred Melson
Original NameLADY EDITH
Other NamesKailua (1947)
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportGreenock
Owner Details & History

Built according to International Second Rule

1925 - 1926 Alfred Melson - name: Lady Edith - home port: Greenock (Great Britain). Rig: auxiliary cutter. Engine installed in 1925.

1927 - 1932 John Good. 1933 - 1934 Maj. B.H. Piercy.

1935 - 1937 Sir Robert Burton-Chadwick.

1938 Dr. Henri E. Lavielle.

1939 E. Sparke-Davies - new name: Kailua - home port: Jersey, CI (USA). Rig: altered to auxiliary sloop and re-powered

1947 - 1953 Major C.B. Thorne. < Rig altered to Bermudan cutter and re-powered 1947.

1953 - 1964 Lord Avebury. Re-powered in 1953 and 1956. RORC rating: 39 17.

1964 - 1969 Sea Hawk Ltd. - home port: London and Jersey, CI (USA).

1970 Disappeared from the Lloyd's Register.

1993 Jean-Pierre Cavalade - new name: Breitz Atao - port of registry: Nice (France) - home port: Kusadasi Marina, South of Izmir (Turkey), where the boat was moored since January 1989.

1994 Rahami Koc, one of the most outstanding industrialists in Turkey. New name: Lady Edith - home port Tuzla, Istanbul (Turkey). The yacht under the name of Breitz Atao was found in very bad shape in Kusadasi Marina, a village in the Anatolia coast not far from Izmir, owned by a french man, Jean-Pierre Cavalade, in need of money to finish the building of a new 20m steel boat. After quite a long negotiation, Mr Koc bought her and after one year he brought her to his yard RMK Marine to proceed to an extensive restoration in order to bring back the yacht to her original version. Restoration works started in January 2002. The refit was based on Beken of Cowes photos, on Lloyd's Register original files and scantling Rules and for the rigging on the collaboration of Mr. Mark Spencer to bring it back to the gaff cutter version. All the hardware and non original pieces were removed and extensive studies performed to verify, organize and plan to restore her to her original condition. Most of the frames, complete deck and some sections of the shell planking were renewed and her distorted sheer line was brought back to the original state. All the rigging and deck hardware were built to original specifications suitable for manual sailing without using modern technology winches, shackles and outfit. Her Honduras Mahogany interior wood joinery was preserved and repairs made and missing joinery added to restore the interior of the boat to her original condition.

2003 she was re-launched, the work took roughly three years and Lady Edith was ready for sailing in 2004.

2008 she has entered in the 48th Navy Cup in Istanbul in the Classic Boat category and finished 3rd.

2014 she is part of the naval museum organized by Rahami Koc in Instanbul.

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