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International RuleSecond Rule
Current Statuswrecked and buried
DesignerJohan Anker
BuilderAnker & Jensen
Sail Area192 sq.m.
Original OwnerAlfred W.G. Larsen
Original NameMAGDA XI
Other NamesCantitoe
Original CountryNO
Original HomeportChristiania, Oslo
Original Sail NumberN 7
Other Sail NumbersUS 7
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Second Rule Armatori:

1928 - 1931 Alfred W.G. Larsen - name: MAGDA XI - home port: Oslo - rig:Bermudan cutter.  In1930 the owner, with J. Anker as helmsman, represented KNS at the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS) 100 years jubilee. She was the best 12 Metre there, winning her Class

1929 disappeared off Lloyd's Register

1931 - 1941 Bayard S. Lichfield - new name: CANTITOE - home port: New York, NY Rig: converted to bermudan sloop; sail number: US 7 - in her first season in the U.S.A. she entered 8 races and won 1 first, 2 seconds and 1 third; in 1932 she entered 8 races with 1 first, 2 seconds and 2 thirds; in 1933, she won the 12m Class at Larchmont Race Week and on 9 starts she had 5 firsts, 1 second and 2 thirds

1941 - 1942 A.A. Washton - home port: New London, CT

1946 - 1947 Philip J. Corbin - home port: Boston, MA

1948 George D. Chard

1949 wrecked by a storm in the summer of 1949. Driven ashore at Ipswich, MA and buried in sand at the Crane Estate

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