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Year1926 May
International RuleSecond Rule
Current Statusunknown
Current Locationunknown
Current Countryunknown
DesignerW. & R.B. Fife
BuilderW. Fife & Son
Length Overall21.34 m.
Waterline12.80 m.
Beam3.70 m.
Original OwnerSir A. Mortimer Singer
Original NameMODESTY
Other NamesRoxana (1935)-La Pinta (1955) - Roxana (1967)
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportGreenock
Original Sail NumberK 4
Owner Details & History

Built according to International Second Rule

1926 Sir A. Mortimer Singer and Sir William P. Burton - name: MODESTY - home port: Greenock She was the sister boat of Moyana. It appears that this yacht was ordered by Robertson and named Judith, but before the yacht was completed, Singer and Burton purchased the construction contract and the name changed to Modesty

1927 Sir A. Mortimer Singer

1928 Charles Richard Fairey

1929 - 1932 Lt. Col. Sir John Humphery She ran trial tests with MOUETTE, testing also her new sail plan designed by W.J. Daniels and showing much more improved performances.

1932 - 1950 M. Valery-Ollivier - new name: ROXANA - home port: Cannes where she is delivered in June 1932 engine installed in 1932. 

On the 23rd August 1944 the German Army destroyed all the yachts mooerd in the Cannes harbour; the two Twelves Roxana and Amity were seriously damaged; the French designer François Camatte was requested to draft an experise evaluating the war damages; the study has been tbe object of the Camatte report dated February 24, 1945.

In 1950, Camatte was again requested to study the possibility to alter Roxana with a yawl rigg; a new sail plan exists in the Camatte archives. It is not known if the conversion had been approved.

1951 - 1954 ??

1955 - 1965 Albert A. Prouvost - new name: LA PINTA - home port: St.-Tropez She was sold as her owner had bought Vanity V, re-named La Pinta

1965 - 1971 Jean Berthier - new name: ROXANA - home port: Toulon

1972 disappeared off Lloyd's Register. This yacht was reported being still in existence in France

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