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Year1928 May
Current Sail NumberUS 6
International RuleSecond Rule
Current Statuscompletely rebuilt
Current LocationNewport, RI
Current CountryUS
DesignerBurgess, Rigg & Morgan Ltd.
BuilderAbeking & Rasmussen
Length Overall21.09 m.
Waterline13.03 m.
Beam3.87 m.
Draught2.58 m.
Sail Area183 sq.m.
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerW. Cameron Forbes
Original NameONAWA
Other NamesHorizons (1953) - Lithuanica - Onawa (1990 ?)
Original CountryUS
Original HomeportBoston. MA
Original Sail NumberUS 6
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Second Rule

She is the sixth and last Twelve Metre ordered by the New York Yacht Club, designed by William Starling Burgess for delivery to American owners and built by Abeking & Rasmussen. The purpose was to have six yachts built exclusively for regatta for comparison sailing in the Club. Hulls were the same but deck layout, interior arrangements and rigs varied among the six yachts. The construction was composite that means that every second frame through the entire length of the hull was made of galvanized steel, the floor plates included. Planking was in Honduras mahogany, quite popular in that period. They were rapidly built in serial production in only five months and all together they were shipped to Halifax, in Canada. Once there, they were rigged and sailed to the United Staes, avoiding a heavy import tax. Onawa was completed in May 1928. The other yachts were: Waiandance, Isolde, Tycoon, Iris and Anitra. Only Onawa and Anitra have survived.

1928 - 1935 W. Cameron Forbes - name: Onawa - home port: Boston, MA (USA). Sail area increased to 185 sq.m. (1930). Under the watchful eye of her Captain Jackson, she was very active in the 1928, 1929 and 1930 seasons entering every race but had poor results: 1 first in 1928 out of 10 races and 3 firsts in 1929 out of 12 starts: 1 second in 1930 out of 6 starts.

1936 - 1942 Horace F. Smith, Jr. - home port: Philadelphia, PA (USA) - During the 1940s, Onawa lost her lead keel to the war effort when it was used fosubmarine ballast

1943 - 1946 Disappeared off all records. During the war, she was laid up at the William Manchester Boat Yard, in Newport, R. I. Here they poured a primitive keel which was with the boat until her current restoration began in January of 2000. Mr. Requardt spent a season with her in New England before sailing her down to the Chesapeake Bay. Her homeport was Annapolis, Maryland until 1953.

1946 - 1952 J. Frederic Requardt, Jr - home port: Easton, Oxford and Gibson Is., MD (USA). New lead keel in 1946.

1953 - 1975 Ward H. & Virginia E. Bright (formerly owners of the schooner Atlantic) - new name: Horizons - engine installed - home port: Cape May, NJ (USA) and St. Croix (USVI).

1976 Disappeared off all records.

1976 - 1990 Al Urbelis (formerly owner of the schooner Atlantic) - new name: Lithuanica - home port: New Jersey, NJ (USA).

1991 - 2013 Onawa was purchased by Daniel Prentiss, Robert H. Tiedemann and Alfred B. Van Liew II, who restored her original name and brought her to Newport, RI. In 2000, Onawa, was purchased by Yacht Onawa, LLC which was managed by McMillen Yachts, Inc. She was completely rebuilt by McMillen Yachts at the Newport Shipyard using additional parts from Waiandance (US-1) and was actively sailed and raced in the Newport fleet.

2014 - 2018 Yacht Onawa, LLC donated Onawa to Block Island Maritime Funding (BIMF) in December 2014, she was owned by the organization until January 2018. BIMF maintained Onawa for more than 3 years and launched her every summer season.

2018  In January of 2018, Onawa was acquired by Onawa 12 US 6, LLC, which will again be managed by McMillen Yachts, Inc. They are offering a limited number of shares in the new syndicate and Onawa will again sail out of Newport in the summer seasons!

World Championhips Results: 2001 in Cowes (America's Cup Jubilee): eleventh in the Classic division 2005 in Newport: winner of the Classic Vintage division 2009 in Newport: third in the Vintage division.

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