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Year1923 July
International RuleSecond Rule
Current Statussunk in Carribean
DesignerW. & R.B. Fife
Design / Project#709
BuilderW. Fife & Son
Length Overall19.81 m.
Waterline13.41 m.
Beam3.73 m.
Draught2.74 m.
Sail Area182 sq.m. - 161 sq.m. (1963)
Original OwnerJ. R. Payne
Original NameVANITY
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportGreenock
Original Sail NumberK 1
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Second Rule

1923 - 1932 J.R. Payne - name: VANITY - home porto: Greenock - Vanity was the most successful Twelve of the 1920s with entries in most of the important races around the coast and across the Channel (Le Havre, etc.). Mr. Payne was famous as perhaps the best helmsman in the 15 and 12 metres and 52 footers since about 1905. He used to live aboard Vanity and sail round the coast for much of the season - he was an accomplished violinist being known as "Fiddler" Payne. In 1929 the rig was altered to Bermudan cutter; Beken of Cowes has photos of Vanity racing in 1923 with the two rigs. In 1923 she entered in the class regatta in Burnham Week where she was the scratch yacht. In 1924 she did well until she broke her boom - in 1925 she had three firsts racing against Noresca, Moyanna II, Clymene and Doris. Then the interest in Twelves at the Crouch races waned although Vanity continued to enter. In 1930 she entered the Town Cup in Burnham on Crouch in the Cruiser class. In 1932 and 1933 the 12 class was arranged again and Vanity took part together with other four Twelves. She entered in the other races round the coast (Harwich, Cowes, etc.) and it was said "the old Vanity still is able to hold her own with the newer boats under conditions that suit her" - in 1932 she entered seven races with 2 firsts and 1 third. In 1930 she was altered in Bermudan cutter

1933 - 1934 F.E.S. Bowlby - Vanity was used as a cruiser and she entered from time to time in handicap races, against other ex Twelves, the first one was in 1933 at Ramsgate where a new handicap system was tested; in August she won at Cowes Week in the under 35 tons handicap race

1935 John R. Payne

1936 Walter R. Westhead - in 1936 she entered in 8 races and had 1 first and 1 second - rig: altered to bermudan sloop

1937 - 1946 David Anderson

1947 - 1948 W. Stannard - Rorc rating: 53' 29

1949 - 1950 Lt. Col. D.A.G. Dallas 1950 Mrs. Katherine MacDonnell - home port: Guernsey, CI.

1951 - 1955 Lt. Comdr. P.S. Boyle - home port: Greenock - engine installed in 1951 - Rorc rating: 1951: 49'48 - 1955: 47'73

1956 - 1962 M.P.R. Boyle - re-powered in 1955, removed in 1958 and she was modernised with the rigging and deck lay out designed by David Cheverton in order to be used as a trial horse for Sceptres America's Cup English challenge

1963 - 1972 Martin Sharp - in 1963 re-powered and altered to auxiliary yawl with a Rorc rating: 42'37

1973 - 1980 G. Hommel - home port: Cowes, Nyon and Geneva; from 1974: Hamburg - re-powered in 1973

1992 sunk in Hurricane Hugo in Caribbean

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