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Year1931 July
International RuleSecond Rule
Current Statusbroken up?
Current Locationunknown
Current Countryunknown
DesignerAlfred Mylne & Co.
BuilderBute Slip Dock Co, Ltd.
Waterline13.41 m.
Beam3.50 m.
Draught2.71 m.
Sail Area170 sq.m. - 41 sq.m. (1935)
Original OwnerSir William P. Burton
Original NameVERONICA
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportIpswich
Original Sail NumberK 10
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Second Rule

1931 - 1934 Sir. William P. Burton - name: VERONICA - home port: Ipswich - rig: Bermudan sloop. Veronica was the third Twelve built for the owner, former owner of Noresca and Iyruna and the future owner of Marina and Jenetta in 1932 she was second to Flica starting in every race. Out of 41 entries, she won 6 firsts, 12 seconds and 8 thirds the 1933 season was a very good one for Veronica : "The Mylne boat, Veronica, has had her mast moved a lot farther aft than it was last season. In my opinion this has not only much improved her appearance but it seems to have maid her much more lively. She was rather dull and sluggish in light winds last year, but at Burnham no vessel was more slippery when the wind was soft." (Heckstall-Smith on Yachting World - May 26, 1933).She won at Burnham, Southend and while Flica and Morwenna moved to Norway, she moved to the Clyde to race against Iyruna and the new boat Zelita. She performed well in Cowes, although she was second to Flica. At the end of the season: "Sir William Burton so cleverly altered Veronica that she won 22 first prizes in fifty starts in 1933." She was second to Flica with 50 starts, 22 firsts, 13 seconds and 7 thirds. In 1934, the first year of the Third Rule, she was fourth in the season behind Westra, Flica and Miquette and out of 40 entries, she had 5 firsts, 6 seconds and 6 thirds. She entered and was dismasted in the last race for the 12 Metre class given by Royal Burnham YC

1935 - 1947 Robt. J. Dunlop - in 1935 she was converted by Mylne himself to bermudan yawl. She was completely rearranged below and re-rigged above decks; a Kelvin 15 HP engine was installed; the works were done by the Aldous shipyard in Brightlingsea 1947 Rorc rating: 55'27

1948 - 1954 Lieut. E. S. Chance 1955 disappeared off Lloyd's Register

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