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Year1931 May
International RuleSecond Rule
Current Statusbroken up?
DesignerW. & R.B. Fife
BuilderWilliam Fife and Son
Beam3.53 m.
Original OwnerArthur C. Connel
Original NameZORAIDA
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportGreenock
Original Sail NumberK 8
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Second Rule

1931 - 1932 Arthur C. Connel (partner of an old established Clyde shipbuilding company)- name: ZORAIDA - home port: Greenock The owner wanted to keep the same sail number (K 8) formerly attributed to his previous Twelve Zinita. Mr. Connel was a well known "Twelves owner" having already owned other Fife yachts and later owner of Westra and Ornsay. Built at the same time as Altair, Zoraida did not perform as her predecessors. She was considered a slow boat and Fife received quite a number of complaints. Sherman Hoyt, the well known 6mR helmsman, confirmed Zoraida as a slow boat after having sailed her in Weymouth. In fact, in 1932 on 31 entries she had only 6 firsts, 9 seconds and 2 thirds. At the end of the season Connell decided to sell.

1933 - 1934 John R. Payne; after selling Vanity, Payne looked for a more modern boat and he bought Zoraida with whom he had nothing but disappointment. In 1933, she was last with 10 entries, with 3 seconds and 3 thirds. In 1934 she was last but one (Iyruna) with only 5 entries, 1 first, 1 second and 2 thirds

1935 - 1939 Lorenzo Ferranti - home port: Venice

1940 - 1946 ???

1947 disappeared from the Lloyd's Register

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