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Current Sail NumberFIN 1
International RuleThird Rule
Current StatusRacing and cruising in excellent condition
Current LocationFinlandia
Current CountryFI
DesignerCharles E. Nicholson
BuilderCamper & Nicholson, Ltd.
Length Overall21.30 m.
Waterline13.76 m.
Beam3.55 m.
Draught2.71 m.
Sail Area183 sq.m.
Constructionwood on steel frames
Engine2 x 68HP Ford
Original OwnerMiss Marion B Carstairs
Original NameHURRICANE
Other NamesAlanna (1937) - Blue Marlin (1938)
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportPortsmouth, England
Original Sail NumberK 10
Other Sail NumbersK 2 , K 17
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule

In the years 1936/1937 five 12m have been built by C&N; not always their ownership was well determined with continuous sales between the different owners: From the comparison of the various documents, it seems that the history was the following.

1936 Alanna - C.E.A. Hartridge - constr. no. 435, sold (26th May 1936) to Richard Fairey,new name: Evaine 

1936 Hurricane - M.B. Carstairs- constr. no. 440. sold to Fairey and  resold (24th May) to McAndrew, newname Trivia

1937 Wings - Mr. Solvay - constr. no. 451 (25th March 1937)

1937 Little Astra- - Hugh Paul- constr. no. 452 (!st May 1937)

1937  Alanna - C.E.A. Hartridge - constr. no. 454 (27th July 1937) 

1936 Miss Marion Betty Carstairs - name Hurricane - home port: Portsmouth (Great Britain). The owner was an American heiress who lived in the Bahamas. She was quite active in powerboat racing and won the Harmsworth Trophy in 1928. During the building, Mrs. Carstairs decided to sell the yacht to the new owner (Yachting Monthly, March 1937).

1937 Charles Eric Addington Hartridge - new name: Alanna - home port: Portsmouth (Great Britain). The C&N plans are also labeled Alanna, so the acquisition of the yacht must have happened quite early in the building process. Hartridge had already ordered the 12mR Alanna (now Evaine), but due to family reasons he had sold her to another owner before completion. During the 1937 season she had seven starts with only one third scored.

1938 Sir. Thomas O. Murdoch Sopwith - new name: Blue Marlin. Although owned by Mr. Sopwith, she was not a very successful Twelve. In 1938 out of 31 starts, she had 0 firsts, 2 seconds and 9 thirds racing against Trivia, Marina, Evaine, Little Astra and Flica. At the beginning of the new season Blue Marlin was sold to a new owner; Mr. Sopwith started racing with his new Tomahawk.

1939 - 1945 W.R. Westhead. She was sold at the beginning of the 1939 season during which Blue Marlin performed better. Although dismasted at the beginning of the season, she was third overall after Vim and Tomahawk with 6 firsts, 2 seconds and 3 thirds; she was considered to be a fast boat; she was the only British Twelve to have beaten Vim in a real race by 13 seconds (Royal Albert Y.C. regatta at Southsea-August 9). At the end of the season, Major Heckstall-Smith wrote (YW Sept.8,1939): Now none had a career so interesting as that of Blue Marlin. Mr. Sopwith never did any good with her in 1938. Mr. Westhead brought her out late in the season which she began by losing her mast and it was some time before there was any indication of her being any better than before. Mr. Colin Newman steered her with considerable skill and Blue Marlin became a very formidable member of the Class. She was very fast in light air. There were races when she beat Trivia to windward even though it is thought that Trivia was a bit faster downwind.

1946 Geoffrey and Ralph Hawkes.

1947 Mrs. J.W. Boumphrey. Engine installed in 1947

1948 - 1950 Charles Eric Addington Hartridge, again the first owner.

1951 John G. Fairweather

1951 - 1956 Ippolito Berrone - home port: Genova (Italy) - the Berrone family was one of the most outstanding families of Genoa. Ippolito Berrone himself skipped Blue Marlin from England down to Genoa. By the others, two officers of the Italian Navy were part of the crew, namely Mr. Faggioni. A log book was written by the owner, but unfortunately it has been lost. Blue Marlin was used for extensive cruises. Her mast was shortened and she disappeared from Lloyd's Register.

1956 - 1997 Alessandro Colussi - home port: Venezia (Italy). Eight million Lire was the price payed to purchase Blue Marlin. She was used both for racing and cruising in the Mediterranean visiting France, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Northern Africa . She entered in several races in Italian and Dalmatian waters with several firsts. Re-powered in 1999 with two new 68HP Ford engines. Interior layout original with few modifications added 1997

Still sailing in 2001 but in need of restoration. Cockpit original, deck layout mostly original with a new mast built in the Sixties with the same dimensions as the original but with a greater diameter.

2006 Oct. Rossella and Andrea Colussi, daughter and son of Alessandro - home port: Isola (Slovacchia). At their father death, they decided to sell Blue Marlin still moored at Marina di Isola. Since Nov. 2006 Henrik Andersin (Finland). The yacht was moved to Kotka (Finland) and a total refit has been scheduled and is is in progress at Red Sky Yachts in Kotka. Leo Skogstrom is in charge of the program with David Pedrick as advisor. The hull was refitted in composite again with the only change that steel has been replaced by rolled marine bronze with a gain of approx 5-800 kg over steel. The steam bent frames are in elm; the planking is in mahogany. The deck is teak over cedar. Unfortunately a bow thruster has been mounted.

2014-2015 Blue Marlin has been launched for the first trials in June 2014, not in time to enter the Woirld Championship in Barcelona. At the beginning of 2015 the rating measurements have taken place conducted by Nicola Sironi with the assistance of Dave Pedrick. In June 2015, the yacht has eneterd her first regatta; the Kiel Woche with a third placement overall in her Class.

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