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Year1936 June
Current Sail NumberK 2
International RuleThird Rule
Current Statusrestoration completed in 2001
Current LocationPortsmouth
Current CountryGB
DesignerCharles E. Nicholson
BuilderCamper & Nicholson Ltd.
Length Overall21.33 m.
Waterline13.93 m.
Beam3.55 m.
Draught2.67 m.
Sail Area177.84 sq.m. - 189.07 sq.m. (1969)
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerC.R. Fairey
Original NameEVAINE
Other NamesAlanna (1935)
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportPortsmouth, England
Original Sail NumberK 2
Other Sail NumbersK 12
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule

1935 C.E.A. Hartridge - name: Alanna - originally ordered by Mr. Hartridge, but sold for "family reasons" before completion. He purchased another yacht from Nicholson the following year and named her Alanna (later, better known as Blue Marlin).

1936 - 1956 Sir Richard C. Fairey (President of Fairey Aviation) - name: Evaine - home port: Portsmouth (Great Britain). This was the second Twelve built for Sir Fairey after Flica and, although not so successful as Flica, she was one of the outstanding designs of Nicholson; in her first season she was third after Marina and Westra out of 31 entries with 7 firsts, 10 seconds and 1 third. The 1937 and 1938 seasons were marked by the duels between Evaine and Trivia which have added to the English yacht racing a new chapter even comparable with those of past history. In 1937 she was second behind Trivia with 44 entries, 11 firsts, 10 seconds and 10 thirds; the 1938 season was very competitive and at the end Trivia and Evaine had 48 entries with Trivia again first with 20 firsts, 15 seconds and 4 thirds while Evaine had 19 firsts, 13 seconds and 4 thirds; the 1939 scene was dominated by Vim and the new British Twelves: Jenetta, Ornsay and Tomahawk. At the end of the season, she was fifth with 2 firsts, 4 seconds and 5 thirds, out of 31 entries. During the Second Wolrd War she was laid up in a shed.

1957 Estate of the late Sir Richard C. Fairey.

1957 - 1959 Owen Arthur Aisher. On the occasion of the 1958 America's Cup, she underwent important works including a new aluminum mast. She was selected to be a trial horse against Sceptre. While waiting for Sceptre, together with Flica II and Kaylena, she was used for the selection and the training of the crew. After the launch of Sceptre, she raced against the challenger and at the beginning she was much faster; only after a long and exhaustive setting up Sceptre began to win and Evaine was beaten, winning only four out of the twelve final races; forty-three days of trials have passed and Sceptre gained thirty three seconds per mile on Evaine. Very large spinnakers, manufactured by Herbulot, were used by both Twelves. These results explained why no one was surprised when Sceptre did not win the Cup, having been already beaten by a twenty-year-old design, albeit a good one and moreover always beaten by Vim.

1959 - 1964 Guy G. Lawrence. Engine installed in 1959. She got a RORC certificate with a rating of 51 21. She entered the races for the 1964 America's Cup British selections.

1965 - 1967 H. Porteu de la Marandire. 1968 Evaine Ltd.

1969 - 1975 Graham Godfrey - home port: Jersey and Barry (from 1974). Engine removed in 1968. She was said to have sailed the Atlantic twice from Britain to the U.S.. Due to unfortunate circumstances, in 1972 she fell over in a harbor on Jersey. In 1974 she is taken to Barry in South Wales where she laid until 1983. 1976 John Johnson.

1977 - 1980 G. Gough. <

1983-1995 Ian Smith - home port: Fochabera and Inverness. He did enough remedial work to enable Evaine to be sailed to Inverness (Scotland) and they stripped her out entirely, repaired the hull structure as necessary and rebuilt the accommodation through. She was used for charter.

1996 Andreas Wehner - home port: Portsmouth. In 1996/97 Evaine underwent extensive work at the New Century yard (former McGruer).

2006 she had a refit of the hull in her bottom part.

2009 she is currently sailing and chartering in the Baltic under the management of Trivia Gmbh, grouping also Trivia and Cintra.

World Championships Results: 2008 in Flensburg (Classic Twelve Metre orld Championship): fourth

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