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Year1939 June
Current Sail NumberK 14
International RuleThird Rule
Current Statusat the best
Current LocationHamburg
Current CountryDE
DesignerLaurent Giles & Partners
BuilderW. Fife & Son
Length Overall20.45 m.
Waterline14.15 m.
Beam3.58 m.
Draught2.77 m.
Sail Area143 sq.m.
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerHugh Goodson
Original NameFLICA II
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportDartmouth
Original Sail NumberK 14
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule

1939 - 1946 Hugh L. Goodson - name FLICA II - home port: Dartmouth - rig: Bermudan sloop Flica II was the last boat to be given a yard number at W. Fife & Son, which closed the same year after 140 years. There was great attention drawn to the performance of the new yacht, her owner, being an experienced yachtsman, had had many good results with Flica. She was the first and only Twelve designed by J. Laurent Giles and it was said that her lines were the result of the tests of five models in the experimental tank; Olin Stephens remembers that Giles had asked him information on the test of models in tanks, the procedures and the related costs amd just after a while he had came back with one model of Flica II. She was one of the largest Twelve ever built; particularly noteworthy: the deck gear with a coffee grinder Stephens, the stainless steel bar shrouds of flat section, the aluminium alloy fittings, and the light interior thanks to plywood with a balsa core. After the first races Flica II provided the greatest disappointment in the class: the hull form seemed capable of speed equal to the other Twelves but the rigging seemed to be creating problems. Also In the second part of the season no better results were achieved and Flica II tune up remained critical. In fact, at the end of the season, she had just 1 first, 1 second and 5 thirds out of 24 starts”

1946 - 1948 Charles E. Gardner

1948 E. Salem & Co. Ltd.

1949 - 1954 Jack Salem

1954 - 1959 H.R. Attwood - engine installed in 1955 Flica II model was used as point of reference for the eight models created by David Boyd of the British America's Cup 1958 challenge. Under the supervision of J. Illingworth, Flica II was tuned up in order to train the challenger crew and to serve as a trial horse for Sceptre . She won the 12-Metre Class in the 1958 Cowes Week

1959 - 1963 J. Anthony .J. Boyden - home port: Hamble - engine out She entered in several races and she won the 1961 Royal Thames Yacht Club Queen?s Cup - She was trial horse to Sovererign and Kurrewa V for the 1964 America's Cup British challenge

1964 - 1974 John G. Clegg - home port: Hamble & Dartmouth - in 1964 engine re-installed and rig altered to auxiliary yawl and in 1967 altered to auxiliary ketch. Portholes were put in and a dog-house. She was chartered in Antigua very successfully, her owner having been one of the founder membersof the Antigua Yacht Club.

1974 - 1977 T.D. McComb - home port: Dartmouth and Grenada, WI 1978 disappeared off Lloyd's Register

1977 - 1989 Hans Zimmer - home port: Westbrook, CT (USA) - she was found abandoned on a shore in the Caraibs

1989 - 1990 Robert Tiedemann - home port: Newport, RI

1990, May - 1992 Bruno Pozzi - home port: Santa Margherita Ligure (Italy) She underwent a complete restoration at Camper & Nicholson under the supervision of Giorgetti & Magrini; only the lead keel, the rudder and a part of the planking remained of the original construction

1993 - 1999 Stefano and Francesca Tanzi She entered successfully in the Mediterranean races for Twelve Metres; in 1995 she won the Coppa Europa reserved for the Twelve Metres

1999 - Alexander Falk - home port: Hamburg In 2001 she underwent refit work at Berthon Boat to have her interior lay out as in origin (July 2001). Weight was redistributed, the water tanks removed and batteries moved. The hull was filled and faired to improve its laminar flow and the A bracket removed and stern tube sealed to lower drag. In May she sailed from Kiel to England and made 200 miles in one day on passage. At present, 2013, she is laid into a shed due to personal problems of her owner. n 2016, she is supposed to be back on the Baltic racing fields.

Year  Race                                                                                                     Location                                            Result                                                          

1999  German Classics 12mR                                                                      Kiel, Laboe, Germany                      1  Overal

2000  Vetearn Boat Festival                                                                          Sandham, Vaxholm, Sweden           1  Overall                                                              

2000  Euro Week 2000                                                                                  Oslo, Hanko, Norway                       1 Overall

2000  German Classics 12mR                                                                       Kiel, Laboe, Germani                       1 Overall

2001  Max-Oertz regatta                                                                                Neustadt, Germany                          1 Overall

2001   Robbe & Berking 12mR German Open                                               Flesburg, Germany                          1 Overall

2001  America's Cup Jubilee Prada 12mR World Championship 2001          Cowes, England                             3 Classic Div.

2001   America's Cup Jubilee Prada 12mR World Championship 2001                                                                2 Vintage Div.

2001   Prada Veteran Boat Rally                                                                     Sardinia                                        2 Classic Div.

2001   Régayes Royales Trophée Prada 12mR                                              Cannes                                          3 Classic Div.                                           

2001  Prada Challenge 12mR Cup, Overall                                                                                                          1 Overall

2002  Max Oertz Regatta                                                                                  Neustadt                                      1 Overall

2002  Robbe & Berking Classics                                                                      Flensburg, Germany                    1 Overall  

2002  Robbe & Berking 12 mR Sterling Cup                                                    Flensburg, Germany                    1 Overall

2002  German Classic 12 mR                                                                           Kiel, Laboe, Germany                   1 Overall

2003  Max Oertz Regatta Cup                                                                           Neustadt, Germany                      1 Ov. Classic

2016  Robbe & Berking 12mR German Open                                                   Flensburg, Germany                     3

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