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Current Sail NumberG 1
International RuleThird Rule
Current Statussailing
Current LocationFlensburg
Current CountryDE
DesignerHenry Rassmussen
BuilderAbeking & Rassmussen
Length Overall21.50 m.
Waterline14.98 m.
Beam3.45 m.
Draught2.74 m.
Displacement26 t.
Sail Area198 sq.m.
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerJohn T. Essberger
Original NameINGA
Other NamesWestwind
Original CountryDE
Original HomeportHamburg
Original Sail NumberG 1
Owner Details & History

Built according to the Inernational Third Rule

1938 - 1958 Staatsrat John T. Essberger - name: Inga - home port: Hamburg (Germany). She is one out of three Twelves built by A&R in 1938 and 1939; the designs of all three, drawn by Rasmussen, have been maintained. Just to remember, at the end of the Twenties, A&R had already built six Twelves sold to American owners. Inga was built for the shipowner Essberger, founder of the tanker line bearing his name and at the same time owner of other well-known yachts. She entered Kiel Woche with the other German Twelves in 1938 and 1939. During the war she was laid up in a shed in Rendsburg.

1947 - 1948 David Ryder-Turner (the Scottish yacht designer) and friends (UK forces, Eckernforde). They discovered Inga in the summer of 1947 in the Rendsburg shed and became interim owners. They used the original sails from Ornsay (destroyed during the war) found at Ratsey and Lapthorn. Mr Ryder-Turner will be back on Westwind during the Flensburg Festival in 1996!

1948 - 1958 John T. Essberger. She was given back to John T. Essberger. From 1953 to 1958 she was laid up in a shed. In 1958 she was sold for the symbolic amount of DM 25,000 to the German Federal Navy for the training of young officers.

1958 - 2006 Kommandrur Marineschule Murwick - new name: Westwind - home port: Flensburg (Germany).

2006 Alexander Bohning and friends from London - new name: Inga - home port: Southampton (Great Britain). The yacht, up to now (2009), has not undergone any refit program.

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