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Current Sail NumberN 11
International RuleThird Rule
Current Statusrefit completed in 2000
Current LocationOslo
Current CountryNO
DesignerJohan Anker
BuilderAnker & Jensen
Length Overall21.20 m.
Waterline13.87 m.
Beam3.53 m.
Draught2.74 m.
Displacement27 t.
Sail Area185 sq.m.
Original OwnerG. Unger Vetlesen
Original NameVEMA III
Other NamesVarg VI (1947)-Diva III (1949) Lakm? VI (1956)-Vema III (1980)
Original CountryNO
Original HomeportChristiania, Oslo
Original Sail NumberN 11
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule

1933 - 1936 George Unger Vetlesen - name: VEMA III - home port: Oslo - rig: Bermudan cutter The owner was a wealthy Norwegian living in the U.S.A and owner of Vema, a 300-ton schooner and Vema II a 14 ft dinghy. The name Vema came from the first two letters of the owner's name and his american wife's surname Maud. In summer Vetlesen used to cross the Atlantic with his schooner to Norway. He ordered to Anker a Twelve Metre to attend the Hanko regattas. The name Little Vema comes from the fact that his wife found the yacht too small and refused to go on board. Uffa Fox wrote that he admired Vema's lines and construction; he says that "Vema proves that the present International Rule has succeeded in developing a cruiser for racing purposes, or, put the other way round, a racer that is a fine cruiser.. Vema has raced with a fair amount of success in Norwegian and European waters, and while in British waters won a reputation for her light weather ability. Even now, some years after her visit, 12-metre people still have vivid recollections of this, while her long water-line length enables her to travel fast in a breeze. In Vema, then, we have a racer fast in light or hard weather that is also a confortable cruiser, a type of vessel those responsible for the International Rule should be proud of, for when designers such as Anker, who understand the rule and all its ways, produce such a vessel to race and when she wins races in the largest class on the International Rule, there can evidently be very little indeed wrong with it." In 1933 she entered the KSN Jubileums Regatta where she was disqualified twice and she won 1 first and 2 thirds. In the 1933 season in British waters she had 17 starts with 2 firsts, 1 second and 3 thirds

1937 T. Larsen

1938 - 1948 Frithjof Larsen - new name: VARG III With her new owner she entered in several races. During the war she was war prey

1949 - 1955 Johan "Teddy" Sommerschield - new name: DIVA III She entered the races in the Oslo Fjord together with Blue Marlin, Santa, Figaro VI and Norsaga (formerly Trivia), owned by the American ambassador in Norway, Charles "Rick" Bay, who was one of the regattas promoters

1956 - 1979 Sam Ugelstad - new name: LAKME VI - engine installed < 1973 In 1956, due to Bay's death, the races lost their importance and the Twelve fleet was lost; Lakm VI was the only Twelve still active

1980 - 1999 Chr. Lars & Tor J. Dahl - new name: VEMA III She was used for charter

< 1999 Einar Nagell Ericksen and Tor-Jorgen Dahl - total refit at Walsteds yard in Danemark with a new deck, partial re-planking, oak keel and bolts replacement. The interior was partially kept as original (a new cabin was included to starboard thanks to the re-arrengement of the galley; new hydraulic self-tailing winches were installed. New sails with modern cuts.

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