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Year1934 May
International RuleThird Rule
Current Statusdamaged by air raid and broken up
DesignerCharles E. Nicholson
BuilderCamper & Nicholson
Length Overall21.13 m.
Waterline13.49 m.
Beam3.73 m.
Draught2.67 m.
Constructionwood on steel frames
Original OwnerArthur C. Connell
Original NameWESTRA
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportPortsmouth, England
Original Sail NumberK 4
Owner Details & History

Built according to the Third International Rule

1934 - 1941 Arthur C. Connell - name: WESTRA - home port: Portsmouth Mr. Connell, partner of an old established Clyde shipbuilding company, was a very experienced sailing man and a well known 'Twelves owner' having already owned Zinita and Zoraida. He was also the construction and future owner of Ornsay. Westra was his first Charles E. Nicholson designed Twelve after the many disappointments and complaints with Zoraida. and she was the first Camper & Nicholson Twelve built according to the Third Rule "... She is a poerful-looking boat; her bow is quite round on the water line, so that the actual stem piece is like the letter U. Her area of sail seems small. She looks a more chubby and less elongated boat than Flica." (Yachting World, July 20,1934). She was the winning yacht in 1934 when she won 15 first, 10 seconds and 2 thirds out of 35 entries. In 1935, she was second to Marina with 37 Starts, 12 firsts, 9 seconds and 5 thirds. In 1936, she was second again with 33 starts, 11 firsts, 13 seconds and 1 third. She won the class in 'R' gates Int. du Havre" In 1937, she was fourth with 30 entries,7 firsts, 6 seconds and 3 thirds. In the following years Westra did not race, her owner having his new Twelve, Ornsay On December 1941 during WWII, together with Ornsay, in air raid while stored at the Camper & Nicholson yard at Gosport, Westra was damaged and had to be broken-up.

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