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Year1982 July
Current Sail NumberI 4
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statuslayed up
Current LocationPorto Cervo
Current CountryIT
DesignerAndrea Vallicelli & Co.
BuilderOff. Meccaniche Ing. Mario Cobau
Length Overall19.98 m.
Waterline13.87 m.
Beam3.81 m.
Draught2.72 m.
Displacement24 t.
Sail Area164 sq.m.
Original OwnerConsorzio Azzurra Sfida Italy America?s Cup
Original NameAZZURRA
Original CountryIT
Original HomeportPorto Cervo
Original Sail NumberI 4
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule America's Cup

Since 1982 Consorzio Sfida Ital. America's Cup '83 (Gianni Agnelli, Karim Aga Khan) - name Azzurra - home port: Porto Cervo (Italy). In the early Sixties Gianni Agnelli and Beppe Croce had a first informal attempt for an Italian challenge for the America's Cup but their request was not accepted by the NYYC. Azzurra has been the first Italian Twelve built for the Cup (two other Twelves had been built before the war: La Spina and Emilia) and she is important for the good results in the challenger trials and for the impredictable success in Italy. Agnelli and Aga Khan were joined by other Italian industries to cover the costs budget which was figured in 6 billions of Italian Lires. Enterprise had been bought by the Consorzio and Studio Vallicelli (Vallicelli himself, Mariani and Sironi) based on her lines the first model to be tested in the Italian Navy test tank. Thanks to a positive organization headed by Cino Ricci and a very special harmony between the crew and the italian team, Azzurra with at the helm Mauro Pellaschier was third in the semi-finals between Azzurra, Victory '83 and Canada I. She was second in the Porto Cervo 1984 World Championship behind Victory '83 and was has a trial-horse for Azzurra II and Azzurra III for the 1987 America's Cup. 

In 2009 YC Costa Smeralda has taken the decision to restore Azzurra and the refit has been carried on by the Maxi Dolphin yard. Since then she has been layed up and she is  exhibited just outside the Costa Smeralda Club House after having cancelled  her transfer to the Sciences and Technology Museum in Milan (Italy).

America's Cup: 1983 25th America's Cup Challenge: third in the semi-finals World Championships Results: 1982 in Porto Cervo (Italy): second

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