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Year1980 April
Current Sail NumberUS 32
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statussailing
Current LocationSweden
Current CountrySE
DesignerDavid R. Pedrick
Design / Project#12
BuilderNewport Offshore, Ltd.
Length Overall19.48 m.
Waterline13.74 m.
Beam3.76 m.
Draught2.69 m.
Displacement24.85 t.
Sail Area164 sq.m.
Original OwnerPeople to People Sports Committee
Original NameCLIPPER
Original CountryUS
Original HomeportNewport, RI
Original Sail NumberUS 32
Owner Details & History

Built according to International Third Rule America's Cup

1980 People to People Sports Committee - name: Clipper - home port: Newport, RI (USA). Clipper is the old Independence redesigned and rebuilt by David Pedrick for the Huey Long sindycate for the 1980 America's Cup; skippered by Russell Long (Huey's son). Clipper was a good Twelve but suffered from the inexperience of her crew having some positive results only when Tom Blackaller became her helmsman. Winner of the 1980 Lipton Memorial Trophy.

1982 Secret Cove Y.C. - home port: Half Moon Bay, BC (Canada). Trial-horse for Canada I in 1981 and 1982.

1986 Heart of America Challenge. Trial-horse for Heart of America in 1986.

1995 - 2001 Peter Rubenstein - home port: Lidkoping (Sweden).

2002 Hans Allan Eliasson - home port: Oregrund (Sweden). Currently sailing and racing in Sweden.

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