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Year1958 June
Current Sail NumberUS 16
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statusrebuilt in 2000
Current LocationNewport, RI
Current CountryUS
DesignerOlin J. Stephens
Design / Project#1343
BuilderNevins Yacht Yard Inc.
Length Overall21.15 m.
Waterline13.93 m.
Beam3.55 m.
Draught2.73 m.
Displacement28.35 t.
Sail Area173 sq.m.
Original OwnerSears-Cunningham Syndicate
Original NameCOLUMBIA
Original CountryUS
Original HomeportNew York, NY
Original Sail NumberUS 16
Owner Details & History

Built according to International Third Rule

1958 - 1961 Sears-Cunningham Syndicate - name: Columbia - home port: New York, NY (USA). She is built for the 17th America's Cup, the first to be raced with Twelve Metres; her design is a development of Vim and Stephens after numerous comparison tests of six models in the Hoboken tank considerED Columbia slightly superior to Vim. Compared to Vim, she is longer on waterline but with a reduced beam and a slightly reduced sail area compensated by the increased efficiency of new sails and later on by the Dacron ones supplied by Hood after the selection was made. The thickness of the keel was also reduced in order to reduce resistance; special attention was given also to point where the keel meets the body by making it as thin as possible at its point of entry. The cost of Columbia was estimated in the range of $ 300,000. Columbia, skippered by Briggs Cunningham, won the Defender Trials against Weatherly, Easterner and Vim after three series of races. Only the races with Vim, skipperred by Bus Mosbacher, were very closely fought and the final result was determined by a suplimentary race which Columbia won by thirteen seconds. In the Match race Columbia dominated Sceptre by 4-0. In 1958 she also won the Caritas Cup (NYYC).

1960 - 1963 Paul Shields. The keel is altered and Columbia participates to the Defender Trials for the 1962 America's Cup.

1963 - 1964 Estate of Paul V. Shields.

1964 - 1975 Thomas Patrick Dougan - home port: Southampton, NY and Newport Beach, CA (USA). Dougan, a West Coaster participated to be the defender in both 1964 and in 1966 America?s Cup races. In 1966 Columbia is altered by Olin Stephens himself at Driscoll Custom Yachts in San Diego. The hull was shortened and completely redesigned with a relatively pronounced bustle which extends the aft section of the hull beyond the keel and the rudder; this one is still an extension of the keel and not a separate appendix as in Intrepid. Columbia performed well in the Trials, but was dominated by Intrepid, marking the first West Coast competitor with a West Coast crew. In 1967 she won the Lipton Memorial Trophy and the Caritas Cup.

1975 In summer 1975 she is bought by the Swedish Syndicate for the America's Cup as trial-horse for the Swedish challenge.

1976 Handelsbolaget Modern Boating - home port: Goteborg (Sweden). Trial-horse to Sverige.

1976 - 1978 Pelle Petterson, Lars Wiglund & Stellan Westerdhal. She is modified.

1978 - 1980 Xavier Rouget-Luchaire (Societe des Regates Rochelaises) - home port: La Rochelle (France). Columbia was the trial-horse to Lionheart in 1979.

1985 - 1997 Bernard Pollet - home port: Cannes (France).

1997/ - 2000 Paul Gardener and Bill Collins - home port: Newport, RI (USA).

2000 June - 2014 12 Meter Yacht Charters LLC (Alain J. Hanover & Daniel Hanover) - home port: Newport, RI (USA). Columbia underwent a major refit in 2000 through 2001 in view of the America's Cup Jubilee at New England Boatworks (Portsmouth), supervised by David Pedrick. As part of the refit, her stern was brought back to the original lines of 1958; all steel frames were replaced with new ones in cast bronze; the deck was refurbished and a new lead keel was laid in accordance with the original plans; many wood planks and frames were replaced as well as the mast step. Also the cruising interior was refinished with new mahogany planking. On deck, new winches, grinders, travelers and spinnaker pole blocks were replaced together with new aluminum hatches and a new doghouse. At last, new standing rigging replaced the old one as well as a new engine of 77 HP was added. She was for sale at the price of $ 1,350,000 (2008).

2015 Kevin Hagerty, 12 Meter Yacht Charters- home port: Newport, RI (USA)

America's Cup: 1958 17th America's Cup Challenge: Columbia (skipper Briggs Cunningham) - Sceptre (skipper Graham Mann): 4-0

World Championship Results: 1979 in Brighton: sixth 2001 in Cowes (America's Cup Jubilee): eighth in the Classic division 2005 in Newport: third in the Classic Traditional division 2009 in Newport: third in the Traditional division

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