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Year1964 May
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Locationsunk
DesignerOlin J. Stephens
Design / Project#1733
BuilderMinneford Yacht Yard Inc.
Length Overall20.83 m.
Waterline14.02 m.
Beam3.66 m.
Draught2.66 m.
Displacement27.2 t.
Sail Area170 sq.m.
Original OwnerThe Constellation Syndicate
Original CountryUS
Original HomeportOyster Bay, NY
Original Sail NumberUS 20
Other Sail NumbersUK 20
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule - America's Cup

1964 - 1965 The Constellation Syndicate (Walter S. Gubelmann) - name: Constellation (Connie) - home port: Oyster Bay, NY (USA). Built for the 196419th America?s Cup. The aim of Olin Stephens was to have in Constellation an improved version of Columbia with a further refinement of the keel area and an improvement of the equipment as lightweight as was admitted by the rule. She had the boom, the mast tip and also the winch drums in titanium; strain gages were placed over the entire boat in order to measure the dynamic loading under sail; mast and boom bent more than those of her competitors thus allowing a greater control on sails according to wind conditions. The relatively short keel was really the only thing extraordinary about Constellation lines; combined to a long waterline allowed to have a good speed in light winds. The first results of the defender trials were rather disappointing with American Eagle dominating the other competitors in the first half of the trials. The results came up thanks to a direct involvement of the Stephens brothers and the change of the skipper from Eric Ridder to Bob Bavier; in the second part Constellation faced up and dominated American Eagle in the final series easily defeating in the America's Match by 4-0 the British Challenger Sovereign. In the same year she won also the Caritas Cup and the Chandler Hovey Gold Cup (NYYC).

1966 - 1978 Pierre E. Goemans - home port: Montecarlo, Monaco Principality. The owner acts on behalf of Baron Bich who is organizing the French Challenge (Association Francaise pour la Coupe de l'America - AFCA). In 1967 Constellation was chartered to the McCullough Syndicate at first as trial-horse for the future Intrepid and then as one of the Twelves competing for the defender trials. In 1970 and 1974 she was trial-horse for France and she is altered in by Paul Elvstrom, at the time requested by Baron Bich to follow the French challenge.

1979 Association Francaise pour la Coupe de l'America.

1980 Security Change Ltd. - home port: Hamble (Great Britain).

1980 British Industry 1500 Syndicate (J. Anthony J. Boyden) - home port: London (Great Britain). Trial-horse for Lionheart. New British sail number: UK 20.

1994 Sunk while being towed off Turkey.

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