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Year1974 May
Current Sail NumberUS 26
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statussailing, good
Current LocationNewport, RI
Current CountryUS
DesignerOlin J. Stephens
Design / Project#2085
BuilderMinneford Yacht Yard Inc.
Length Overall19.94 m.
Waterline13.71 m.
Beam3.73 m.
Draught2.64 m.
Displacement24.6 t.
Sail Area166 sq.m.
Original OwnerCourageous Syndicate
Other NamesCourageous II (1979) - Courageous III (1984) - Courageous IV (1986)
Original CountryUS
Original HomeportNew York, NY
Original Sail NumberUS 26
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule America's Cup

1974 - 1976 Courageous Syndicate - name: Courageous - homeport: New York, NY (USA). David Pedrick assists Olin Stephens in the design of Courageous for the 22nd 1974 America's Cup; she is another landmark in the design of Twelves being the first 12mR built in aluminium alloy according to the Lloyd's scantling rules new standards authorizing this material in the building of Twelves. This means an advantage of about two tons in the weight of the hull and in fact Courageous is a light boat, quite conservative in her lines and very elegant. Also, the availability of lighter material encouraged new thinking about hull form. Courageous' geometry represents a new interpretation of the 1967 Intrepid. As designed, the lighter aluminum hull suggested extra ballast, and that made possible a slightly shorter and finer ended hull than the earlier boat, with lower profiles at both ends. By reducing the depth of the afterbody between the keel and the rudder, the wetted surface was also reduced. (O. Stephens - Lines) She is one of the first Twelves having a computer systems installed on board enabling tuning and sail testing. The Defense Trials were raced between Courageous, Heritage, Intrepid and Valiant; the fisrt skipper was Bob Bavier, who was later replaced by Ted Hood. Dennis Conner was the starting helmsman, marking the start of his long career with the America's Cup. She was appointed official defender after beating Intrepid in races hardly won with some resemblance to the battle between Columbia and Vim in the 1958 selection trials. Courageous handily defeated the Australian Southern Cross by four races to one in the America's Cup Match. In the same year she also won the Chandler Hovey Gold Bowl (NYYC). According to Olin Stephesn, only in 1977 Ted Hood discovered that Courageous displacement was less than the one shown on the rating certificate by 1,700 lbs; this meant that in her rating certificate 35 cm. should have had added to her L and around 9 sq.m. cut off from the sail area.

1977 - 1979 Kings Point Fund, Inc. US Merchant Marine Academy - home port: Kings Point, NY (USA). In 1977 she is altered by Frederick E. Hood and Sparkman & Stephens to comply to the new 12-Meter rule: the main winches are placed on deck, some 850 kilos are added to the ballast, the rudder is moved forward to reduce the waterline. In the 1977 trials, with Ted Turner as skipper, she outperformed the other contenders, Independence and Enterprise; in the Match she won easily four races to none against Alan Bond's Australia. With this victory, she became the second Twelve, after Intrepid to have successfully defended the Cup. In 1977, she again won the Chandler Hovey Gold Bowl.

1979 - 1980 R.E. "Ted" Turner III - new name: Courageous II - home port: Atlanta, GA (USA). Altered in 1980, she participated in the 24th America's Cup defender trials against Freedom and Clipper.

1981 David Victor and Leonard Greene, head of the People to People Sports Committee.

1982 - 1983 Defender/Courageous Group (People to People Sports Committee). She enters unsuccessfully the defender trials for the 25th America's Cup - in 1983 she won the Lipton Memorial Trophy (NYYC). 1984 - 1985 Courageous Synd. Inc. (David Victor and Leonard Greene) - new names: Courageous III and IV- home port: Short Beach, CT (USA). She is altered with a new winglet keel modified several times in a campaign to send Courageous to Australia in 1987 as a challenger. In 1986, she is third in the Fremantle World Championship but, under the name of Courageous IV, all the alterations can not make her a winner in the challenger trials. <

1993-1994 Courageous Sailing Center - new name: Courageous - home port: Cambridge, MA (USA). The Center is founded and based at the Boston Navy Yard to assist wheelchair-bound people in learning to sail. <

1996 US 26 Corporation - homeport: Wilmington, DE (USA).

1997 - 2001 The Museum of Yachting - homeport: Newport, RI (USA) - she is donated by Leonard Greene to the Museum and undergoes a restoration programme.

Since 2002 The Courageous Foundation Ltd - new name: Courageous - home port: Newport, RI (USA)

America's Cup: 1974 22nd America's Cup Challenge : Courageous (skippers Bob Bavier and Frederick "Ted" Hood) - Southern Cross (skipper Jim Hardy): 4-1 1977 23rd America's Cup Challenge : Courageous (skipper Ted Turner) - Australia (skipper Noel Robbins): 4-0

World Championships Results: 1986 in Perth: sixth 2005 in Newport: winner of the Modern division 2009 in Newport: second in the Modern division

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