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International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statusreported to have been broken-up
DesignerDavid H.J. Hollom
BuilderCougar Marine
Original OwnerBritish America's Cup Challenge, PLC
Other NamesWhite Crusader II
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportLondon
Original Sail NumberK 25
Owner Details & History

Built according to International Third Rule America's Cup

1986 British America's Cup Challenge, PLC (Graham Walker) - name: Crusader II - home port: London (Great Britain). Crusader II is the second boat built for the British challenge to the 24th 1987 America's Cup; she is a more radical design than the previous boat with long overhangs and a winged canard keel which gives her the "Hippo" nickname. The first tests are carried out with simulated waves motion in the ship model basin of the Teddington Nautical Maritime Institute.

1986 - 1987 British America's Cup Challenge, PLC (Graham Walker) - name: White Crusader II. Although shipped to Fremantle, she did not race in the Louis Vuitton Cup in 1986.

1988 Chris Freer - new name: Crusader II - home port: Southampton (Great Britain). Fell off the ship's deck in the Baltic returning from 1988 World's in Lulea (Sweden).

World Championships Results: 1988 in Lulea (Sweden): entered under the name of Crusader '88

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