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Year1962 February
Current Sail NumberKA 1
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statussailing
Current LocationFlensburg
Current CountryDE
DesignerAlan Payne
BuilderLars Holvorsen Sons. Pty. Ltd.
Length Overall21.16 m.
Waterline13.84 m.
Beam3.58 m.
Draught2.67 m.
Displacement26.7 t.
Sail Area171 sq.m.
Original OwnerSir Frank Packer, Australian ACCA
Original NameGRETEL
Original CountryAU
Original HomeportSydney
Original Sail NumberKA 1
Other Sail NumbersF 5
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule America's Cup

1962 - 1973 Sir Frank Packer, Australian America?s Cup Challenge Association - name: Gretel - home port: Sydney (Australia). In 1959 Sir Frank Packer, an Australian newspaper magnate, chartered Vim for four years and took her in his country in view of an Australian challenge for the 1962 Cup 18th edition. In that period, there was no limitations in the dead in export of technologies and materials and Packer sent Alan Payne in the States at the Stevens Institute at Hoboken to work on the design of a new challenger. Gretel is based on the lines of Vim, carefully analyzed, and on the American calculations and measurements at the Stevens Institute which were accessible to Payne; One major innovation was the possibility to link the winches of the genoa sheets having the four gears operated by the winchman's foot pedal; such possibility increased the efficiency while tacking. Gretel competed successfully against Weatherly: the races were very close and the Australian were even able to win a race losing by a score of 4-1. The Americans won more for a greater efficiency of the crew and greater experience than for a better boat. As a consequence, it was decided to prevent the future challengers from the access to any kind of American technology. Gretel is altered by Payne in 1966 and 1967 and she is trial-horse of Dame Pattie for the 1967 America's Cup and for Gretel II for the following edition of the Cup.

1973 - 1974 Yanchep Estates Pty. Ltd. - homeport: Perth and Yanchep (Australia).

1975 The Southern Cross America's Cup Challenge Association, Ltd. She is trial-horse for Southern Cross.

1976 - 1979 Gretel Syndicate - homeport: Yanchep, WA (1976 and 1977), Port Melbourne, Victoria and Sidney (Australia).

1980 Disappeared from the Lloyd's Register. <

1993-1994 Operated as a Charter vessel in the North Queensland.

2003 - 2011 Doug Peterson - home port: Porto Santo Stefano (Italy). Waiting for restoration

2011 Oliver Berking - transported to Flensburg for refit at Yachtwerft Robbe & Berking Classics Gmbh & Co. KG.

America's Cup: 1962 18th America's Cup Challenge: Gretel (skipper A.S. Shurrock) - Weatherly (skipper Emil "Bus" Mosbacher): 1-4

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