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Year1986 May
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statussailing
Current LocationTurkey
Current CountryTR
DesignerGretzky, Graham, MacLane, Schlageter
BuilderMerrifield-Roberts, Inc.
Original OwnerHeart of America Challenge
Original CountryUS
Original HomeportNewport, RI
Original Sail NumberUS 51
Owner Details & History

Built according the the International Third Rule America's Cup

1986 - 1987 Heart of America Challenge - name: Heart of America - homeport: Newport, RI (USA). Challenger of the 26th 1987 America's Cup representing the Chicago Yacht Club with skipper Harry C. "Buddy" Melges. Trial-horses: Clipper and Defender. The project is by a design team formed by James Gretzky, Scott Graham, Duncan McLane and Eric Schlageter more famous for small ocean racers. Her lines are very close to the ones of French Kiss with a high bow, a low freeboard and a large stern; the keel is similar to the one of Australia II.

? US 12 Meter San Diego, Inc - homeport: La Jolla, CA.

1993 - 2006 ? - home port: in Turkey.

2006 Kahraman Sadicoglu - home port: Gocek Bay (Turkey) - Sailing.

2017 photographed in October at Marti Marina, Orhaniye, Turkey.

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