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Year1967 May
Current Sail NumberUS 22
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statusvery good
Current LocationNewport, RI
Current CountryUS
DesignerOlin J. Stephens
Design / Project#1834
BuilderMinneford Yacht Yard Inc.
Length Overall19.66 m.
Waterline14.27 m. (1967) - 14.75 m. (1970)
Beam3.68 m.
Draught2.78 m. (1967) - 2.82 m. (1970)
Displacement27.9 t. (1967) - 30.55 t. (1970)
Sail Area164 sq.m. (1967) - 161 sq.m. (1970)
Original OwnerIntrepid Syndicate
Original NameINTREPID
Other NamesWindancer
Original CountryUS
Original HomeportNew York, NY
Original Sail NumberUS 22
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule America's Cup

1967 - 1971 Intrepid Syndacate - name: INTREPID - home port: New York, NY Intrepid is one of those few projects that made yachting history and, more in particularly, the history of the Twelve Metre Class; she is undoubtedly a breakthrough yacht. Stephens aim was to reduce the wetted surface by cutting away the keel at the after end and redistributing the saved volume in the afterlines of the hull. Tests at the Hoboken tank confirms the validity of his ideas and Intrepid is the best result which could be imagined. Not only her hull lines are completely innovative, as a result she has also the first fin and skeg configuration with a trim tab at the aft end of the keel combined to the rudder with the same steeering mechanism. Moreover, the deck layout is new with the crew off the deck and the winches and related mechanism below decks; this solution means that the boom is lowered towards the deck with greater stability, painstaking attention is directed to save any pound which is not structure so to increase the ballast to a maximum; the accommodations in the boat are reduced to a minimum with cabin lines in Terylene. The rig too is innovative with the boom and the higher part of the mast in titanium and a bending boom. New sails in cut and materials complete a splendid success. There is no history in the America's Cup: Intrepid is the defender and outclasses Dame Pattie by a score of 4-0. For the 1970 America?s Cup Match she is modified by Britton Chance with a keel redesigned and re-casted, a longer waterline, a reduced wetted area and an increase in the weight. For the second time she wins the Cup Match by a score of 4-1 on Gretel II winner of the Chandler Hovey Gold Bowl (NYYC) in 1967 and 1970 winner of the Caritas Cup (NYYC) in 1970

1971 - 1972 International Oceanographic Foundation - home port: Miami, FL

1973 - 1976 George F. "Fritz" Jewett who payed Intrepid $75.000. Gerry Driscoll talked Fritz into racing her with Gerry as skipper. Together with his friend George Schuchard from Seattle the boat was entitled to Intrepid West and a non profit agreement was reached with the Seattle Sailing Foundation. In San Diego, during 1973-74, Intrepid has been altered by J. Gerald Driscoll & Sparkman & Stephens at Driscoll Custom Boats. Winner of the Caritas Cup (NYYC) in 1974 - winner of the Lipton Memorial Trophy (NYYC) in 1974.

1977 - 1978 Robert H. Fendler - home port: Seattle, WA (USA). Trial-horse for Enterprise.

1978 - 1980 Pierre G. Goemans (resident in Monaco Principality and owner, on behalf of the French challenge, also of Sovereign and Constellation)

1979 L'Association Francaise pour La Coupe de l'America (AFCA) (Marcel Bich)

?? ?? new name: WINDANCER - home port: Luskegon, MI she is taken to Lake Champlain for charter

1993 - 1996 Intrepid Sailing Inc - new name: INTREPID - home port: Seekonk, MA after 1994 she is run agroundon the Nantucket breakwater

1996 Intrepid Charters LLC (John P. Curtin, Jr.) - home port: Newport, RI she is completely rebuilt under the direction of Herb Marshall and George Hill at Brewer's Cove Haven Marina in Barrington, RI: she has a new deck and deck beams, new floor timbers, new ring frames, new bottom planking and a new ballast keel. Together with Weatherly, Freedom, American Eagle and Intrepid she is part of the America's Cup Charter Company.

America's Cup: 1967 20th America's Cup Challenge: Intrepid (skipper: Emil "Bus" Mosbacher) - Dame Pattie (skipper James Shurrock): 4-0 1970 21st America's Cup Challenge: Intrepid (skipper Bill Ficker) - Dame Pattie (skipper James Hardy): 4-1

World Championships Results: 1982 in Newport (USA): sixth 2001 in Cowes (America's Cup Jubilee): second in the Modern divsion 2005 in Newport (USA): third in the Modern division 2009 in Newport (USA): fourth in the Modern division

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