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Year1985 August
Current Sail NumberITA 7
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statusperfect conditions
Current LocationHumble
Current CountryGB
DesignerGiorgetti & Magrini
BuilderCantieri Baglietto
Length Overall19.65 m.
Beam3.64 m.
Displacement25.12 t.
Sail Area165 sq.m.
Original OwnerConsorzio Italia
Original NameITALIA I
Original CountryIT
Original HomeportGenova
Original Sail NumberI 7
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule America's Cup

1985- 1987 Consorzio Italia - name: Italia I - home port: Genova (Italy). Italia I is the first of two Twelves designed by Giorgetti & Magrini for the 26th 1987 America's Cup. The budget is of twelve billions italian lire covered by ten sponsors. Five models on a 1:3 scale are tested at Wageningen and the research continues at the ship model basin at Trieste with models on a scale 1:10 while the aircraft company Aermacchi assists with her wind tunnel and computer center. Organizing problems and the ones related to Italia II drop during her launch do not allow the Consorzio to achieve good results: Italia I scored eighth at the 1986 World Championship and achieved modest results in the Louis Vuitton Cup; Italia II did not enter in the Louis Vuitton Cup.

1988 - 1995 Luigi Scappa - home port: Lecco, Como Lake (Italy).

1995 - 1999 Corrado Fratini - home port: Marina di Carrara (Italy). Italia I is restored; an engine is installed and she enters the Mediterranean Twelve regattas; in 1996 she is second behind French Kiss in the Coppa del Mediterraneo and in the Europe Cup; in 1997 she wins the Europe Cup and she is second in the ITMA and AIVE Cups; in 1999 she was second, behind Kiwi Magic, in the World Championship.

2000 - 2005 Don J.L. Wood - home port: Lymington (Great Britain). In 2001, she enters in the America's Cup Jubilee.

2006 - 2014 Richard Rankin - home port: Lymington (Great Britain)

2014 Alex Curry - home port: Hamble (Great Britain)

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