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Year1985 December
Current Sail NumberKA 12
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statussailing
Current LocationPorto Santo Stefano
Current CountryIT
DesignerJohn Swarbrick
BuilderParry Boat Builders
Length Overall20.12 m.
Waterline13.68 m.
Beam3.79 m.
Draught2.68 m.
Displacement24.65 t.
Sail Area164 sq.m.
Original OwnerTaskforce '87 America's Cup Defense, Ltd.
Original CountryAU
Original HomeportPerth
Original Sail NumberKA 12
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule America's Cup.

1985 - Taskforce '87 America's Cup Defense, Ltd. (Kevin Parry) - name: Kookaburra II - home port: Perth (Australia). She is the second out of three (plus one project) Kookaburras built by Taskforce '87 managed by Iain Murray. No lack of money can be complained: Murray can organize his own sail loft, yard, workshop and a large shed where the yachts can be hauled out. One distinctive point is the computer performance monitoring gear housed below decks in watertight plexiglass cases aboard each of the three boats. The computers monitor and record a host of critical performance functions and they are interfaced by a similar gear aboard of the tender and the mainframe located in the Taskforce '87 headquarters. Kookaburras projects are inspired by Australia II with quite innovative ideas coming from Murray and Swarbrick; Alan Payne is called to cooperate on the winglet keel shapes. The three yachts are distinguished for their elegance, long overhangs and more freeboard than the traditional boats. Kookaburra II design has been realized by Swarbrick before the one of K I and built only when the decision was taken to have a second yacht. It comes out of a long survey conducted at the NSMB at Wageningen on 24 drawings and a dozen of models. The model of K II was successfully tested against the one of K I; K II is easy to sail not so fast close wind as K I but much more stable; it is with the disappointment and disagreement of her designer that K III is chosen; however Kookaburra II performs well in the Defender Trials of the 1987 America's Cup being third behind Kookaburra III and Australia IV. In 1988 she entered in the Twelve World Championships in Lulea (Sweden) under the name of Nordstjernan; she is classed eighth.

1993 - 1994 Kookaburra Challenge Pty, Ltd. - homeport: Newport, NSW.

2000 Ulisse Srl (Patrizio Bertelli) - home port: Porto Santo Stefano (Italy).

World Championships Results: 1987 in Porto Cervo: semifinal 1988 in Lulea (Sweden), entered under the name of Nordstjernan

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