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Year1986 August
Current Sail NumberKA 15
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statusperfect
Current Locationunknown
Current CountryFR
DesignerIain Murray & John Swarbrick
BuilderParry Boat Builders
Length Overall20.48 m.
Waterline13.87 m.
Beam3.73 m.
Draught2.69 m.
Displacement28.2 t.
Sail Area168 sq.m.
Original OwnerTaskforce '87 America's Cup Defense Ltd.
Original CountryAU
Original HomeportPerth
Original Sail NumberKA 15
Owner Details & History

ABuilt according to the International Third Rule America's Cup.

1986 - 1987 Taskforce '87 America's Cup Defence Ltd. (Kevin Parry) - name: Kookaburra III - home port: Perth (Australia). This is the third out of three (plus one project) Kookaburras built by Taskforce '87 managed by Iain Murray. No lack of money can be complained: Murray can organize his own sail loft, yard, workshop and a large shed where the yachts can be hauled out. One distinctive point is the computer performance monitoring gear housed below decks in watertight plexiglass cases aboard each of the three boats. The computers monitors and records a host of critical performance functions and they are interfaced by a similar gear aboard of the tender and the mainframe located in the Taskforce '87 headquarters. Kookaburras projects are inspired by Australia II with quite innovative ideas coming from Murray; Alan Payne who was called to cooperate on the winglet keel shapes. The three yachts are distinguished for their elegance, long overhangs and more freeboard than the traditional boats. It is doubtful if Kookaburra III is a faster and more handy boat than Kookaburra II. She wins the Defender Finals for the 26th 1987 America’s Cup by beating Australia IV by a score of six to zero with Iain Murray as skipper and Peter Gilmour as starting helmsman. On the other side, in the Challenger Finals, Stars & Stripes ‘87 beats Kiwi Magic by 4 to 1. In the America’s Cup Match Kooka 3 loses by a score of four to nil against Dennis Conner Stars & Stripes ‘87. The Cup comes back in the States.

1993 - 1994 Kookaburra Challenge Pty, Ltd. - home port: Newport (Australia).

2006 - 2013 Chantier Marine Trehard - home port: Antibes (France)

2013 - 2015 Sun Sea Boat - The Chantier Trehard having been sold to Monaco Marine, Kooka III has been part of a group of boats sold and transferred to Port Camargue (France)

2015 (March) Maurizio Vecchiola - home port: Cannes, France

America's Cup and World Championships results:

America's Cup: 1987 - 26th America's Cup Challenge: Kookaburra III (skipper Ian Murray) - Stars & Stripes '87 (skipper Dennis Conner): 1-4

World Championships Results: 1988 in Lulea (Sweden): winner

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