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Year1983 June
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statusunknown
Current LocationJapan
Current CountryJP
DesignerJohan Valentijn
BuilderNewport Offshore Ltd.
Length Overall19.37 m.
Waterline13.70 m.
Beam3.70 m.
Draught2.67 m.
Displacement24.35 t.
Sail Area168 sq.m.
Original OwnerFreedom Camp. ?83 SUNY at Ft. Schuyler
Original NameLIBERTY
Original CountryUS
Original HomeportNew York, NY
Original Sail NumberUS 40
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule America's Cup

1983 Freedom Campaign '83 SUNY at Ft. Schuyler - name: Freedom - home port: New York, NY. She is the third Twelve to be designed for the Freedom Campaign, the others having been Magic and Spirit of America. Her design comes off the table of Johan Valentijn with a direct involvement of Dennis Conner, who is the skipper; after the first confrontations with the other two boats, she reveals faster but she has difficulties to beat Freedom, although with her stern shortened of two feet, the mast and the keel moved forward by the same proportions. She is chosen as Defender as she is designed from the outset to allow re-ballasting in order to alter characteristics slightly between races. Liberty can be tuned to varying weather conditions by changing the displacement, choosing the sails previously adapted for each configuration and being re-rated before racing. Notwithstanding, Liberty loset the 1983 25th America's Cup to Australia II by a score of 3-4. For the first time in 132 years the Cup left the Unites States. Winner of the Chandler Hovey Gold Bowl 1983 (NYYC).

1986 - 1988 Sail America Foundation - home port: San Diego, CA (USA). Trial-horse to Stars & Stripes '87.

1988 - 1989 America?s Cup Organizing Committee - home port: San Diego, CA (USA).

1989 Sold to an unknown Japanese owner.

America's Cup 1983 - 25th America's Cup Challenge: Liberty (skipper Dennis Conner) - Australia II (skipper John Bertrand): 3- 4

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