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Year1982 April
Current Sail NumberNed 1
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statussailing
Current LocationThe Netherlands
Current CountryNL
DesignerJohan Valentijin
BuilderCustom Marine & Pilots Point Marina
Length Overall18.59 m.
Waterline13.24 m.
Beam3.79 m.
Draught2.62 m.
Displacement22.5 t.
Sail Area155 sq.m.
EnginePeugeot diesel, 6 cyl., 100 HP
Original OwnerFreedom Camp. ?83 SUNY Fort Schuyler
Original NameMAGIC
Original CountryUS
Original HomeportNew York, NY
Original Sail NumberUS 38
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule America's Cup

1982 - 1983 Freedom Campaign '83 SUNY Fort Schuyler - name: MAGIC - home port: New York She is one of two Twelves ordered by Dennis Conner for the 25th America's Cup; while Bill Langan with Spirit of America designed a traditional Twelve, Johan Valentijn was commissioned to design a radical boat on the edge of the rule and design parameters. Magic is very short and light and even out of rating (she would not qualify for an official 12mR rating certificate): She was a total disappointment and was in order to build a third boat, Liberty

1986 Eagle Syndicate - She ws altered with a winglet keel for a better righting couple and she was used as trial horse for Eagle i

1988-1989 California International Leasing Co. SailingCalifornia, Inc. 1

993 - 1994 J.P.W.S. Hyn/Teylinger - home port: Vogelensag (Holland)

1995 - 2004/05 (?) Ewoud Akkermann (owner of the Johan Vels Jachtbouw BV) - home port: Medemblik In 2001, she enterred in the AC Jubilee; admitted after measurment by Ken McAlpine and Nicola Sironi

2004/05 - 2007 Mr de Vries - home port: Vogelensag and registered under the name of Ardennen Club She entered the Cowes Week

2007 Jan G. van der Molen and three other gentlemen - home port: Harlingen The yacht has been refitted for charter under the name of Magic Sailing Events sailing each year in Kieler Woche and in Flensburg (Germany).

In 2012 she was for sale at the price of $50.000

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