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Year1962 May
Current Sail NumberUS 19
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statussailing, very good
Current LocationNewport, RI
Current CountryUS
DesignerFrederick E. Hood
BuilderJames E.Gravies, Inc. & Little Harbor Yard
Length Overall20.52 m.
Waterline13.90 m.
Beam4.04 m.
Draught2.74 m.
Displacement24.85 t.
Sail Area174 sq.m.
Original OwnerAnderson-Purcell Syndicate
Original NameNEFERTITI
Original CountryUS
Original HomeportBoston, MA
Original Sail NumberUS 19
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule America's Cup

1962 - 1968 Anderson-Purcell Syndicate - name: NEFERTITI - home port: Boston, MA She is the first Twelve designed by Hood and the only new defender for the Australian challenge of 1962; her construction is indead a fast one, her launch taking place only 96 days after the delivery of the plans to the yard; at the time, she is the beamiest Twelve ever built as Hood is in search of stability and has a long foretriangle; unfortunately, she is good and fast in strong winds and the defender selections finals took place in light air: Weatherly wins and enters the Match against GretelNefertiti won the 1962 Lipton Memorial Trophy (NYYC) in 1964 she is converted by Ted Hood leaving Newport to traverse the globe. She crossed the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and sailed out of Greece for several years as the flagship of the Royal Hellenic Yacht Club

1968 - 1979 Man Johnson Co. Ltd. S.A. (Theodoracopoulos family)- home port: Piraeus (Greece) in 1967 chartered by AC Challenger Syndicate as trial horse for Dame Pattie

1979 - 1995 ??? back to the U.S., then to West Indies, on to Fremantle as a spectator boat for the 1987 Cup races and then to South Africa for six years where she is abandoned in Durban anchored in the middle of the bay and where she was found by George Hill and Herb Marshall. The trip back to Newport was almost Neffy's last, while rounding the Cape of Good Hope, the very large ship that carried her as deck cargo encountered a tremendous storm that knocked several containers off the 700' vessel and loosened the blocking under Nefertiti. The ship's crew bravely shored her up and saved the Egyptian Queen.

1996 - 1998 George Hill and Herb Marshall - home port: Newport, RI (USA)

1998 Nefertiti Charters LLC (Sears Wullschleger). Together with Weatherly, Easterner, Freedom, American Eagle and Intrepid she is part of the America's Cup Charter Company. Back in her racing trim, she once again competes successfully with the greats of 12 Meter history. World Championships Results 2001 in Cowes (America's Cup Jubilee): twelfth in the Classic Division 2005 in Newport:fourth in the ClassicTraditional Division 2009 in Newport: fourth in the Traditional division

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