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Year1963 June
Current Sail NumberK 12
International RuleThird Rule AC
Current Statusperfect conditions
Current LocationAntibes
Current CountryFR
DesignerDavid Boyd
BuilderAlexander Robertson & Sons (Y. Builders) Ltd.
Length Overall21.08 m.
Waterline13.91 m.
Beam3.81 m.
Draught2.71 m.
Displacement28.38 t.
Sail Area175 sq.m.
Original OwnerJ. Anthony J. Boyden
Original NameSOVEREIGN
Original CountryGB
Original HomeportGreenock
Original Sail NumberK 12
Owner Details & History

Built according to the International Third Rule America's Cup

1963 - 1965 J. Anthony J. Boyden - name: Sovereign - home port: Greenock (Great Britain). She was built in view of the second post-war British challenge supposed by the British to be held in 1963, just after the 1962 Match with the Australians. The very positive results of Gretel had shown a concrete possibility to win the Cup. The challenge is presented by The Royal Thames Yacht Club and J. Anthony J. Boyden again financed the British effort. Notwithstanding the negative results of Sceptre, once more David Boyd was chosen as designer and Sovereign was the result of his work, but her design was conservative and Sovereign was not even able to win against  the old Sceptre and Norsaga. In August 1963, the Royal Thames YC approved the decision of the two Australian brothers Frank and John Livingstone with the contribution of Owen Aisher, the owner of Evaine, to build a second yacht. Time is short and the decision was taken to order a new boat to be built at the Boyd and Alexander Robertson yard-- Kurrewa V. She was a copy of Sovereign with modifications to the keel design and rigging. After new races, Sovereign won the British trials against Kurrewa V but she lost the Match to Constellation by a score of 4-0 with big gaps up to twenty minutes; Sovereign's poor performance is not only due to Boyd's design. When raced for the Match in the choppy waters off Newport, RI Soverign and also suffered from poor quality sails and the inexperience of her skipper, Peter Scott.

1965 - 1967 Pierre E. Goemans.

1968 - 1971 Baron Marcel Bich - home port: Toulon and La Trinitie-sur-mer (France). Sovereign, together with Kurrewa V and Constellation were purchased by Baron Bich for his campaign for the America's Cup.

1972 - 1973 Clive D. Bourchier - home port: Chichester - engine installed in 1972.

1974 - 1976 Fran?ois Germain - home port: Chichester and Angers (France).

Since 1977 Jean-Claude Perdriel (a well known French press editor) - home port: Antibes (France). Sovereign was altered by Jacques Fauroux with a new interior layout and a suspended rudder; in 1985, according to AIVE Rules, she was restored to her original condition except for the hull shape. Soverign regularly enters in the Mediterranean races for the Twelve Metre Class; she is first in the Twelve Vintage class in the 1999 World Championship. In 2000/01 her hull was modified by Jacques Fauroux in view of the 2001 World Championship held in Cowes on the occasion of the American's Cup Jubilee.

In 2014/15 a new deck was supplied by Chantiers Trehard.

America's Cup 1964 19th America's Cup Challenge: Sovereign (skipper Peter Scott) - Constellation (skipper Bob Bavier): 0-4

World Championships Results: 1999 in St.-Tropez: seventh 2001 in Cowes (America's Cup Jubilee): winner of the Classic division

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